NCIS Sydney Parents Guide (1)
NCIS Sydney Parents Guide (1) Credit: TVline

NCIS: Sydney Information and Wiki

NCIS: Sydney Parents Guide:NCIS: Sydney is an upcoming Crime and Drama series which is directed by Shawn Seet, David Caesar, Kriv Stenders, and Catherine Millar.

NCIS series created by Morgan O’Neill, is the fifth series in the crime franchise this series is the very first series that is set outside the United States and the NCIS series’ twentieth season premiered on September 19, 2022, and This series is the longest series.

TitleNCIS: Sydney
DirectorShawn Seet, David Caesar, Kriv Stenders, and Catherine Millar.
GenreCrime, Drama
Released dateNovember 14, 2023
CountryUnited States
NCIS: Sydney Parents Guide
NCIS: Sydney Parents Guide
NCIS Sydney Parents Guide Credit: IMDb

NCIS: Sydney Age rating

NCIS: Sydney is not rated yet but it may be not suitable for kids under 15 because of the violence and explosion shown.

Age ratings are made for you so that you would able to know what kind of content has been used in the series and for which age group it is suitable.

NCIS: Sydney Parents Guide

Guidance is yet another point that will help you to know about the contents used in the series by which you would be able to know about the series contents and then you would make an appropriate decision.

Here we have written important points and go through them for a better understanding also after reading our NCIS: Sydney Parents Guide you will get to know relevant information.


You would see most of the characters are found to be shooting each other also they want to defeat their opponent for which they are fighting with them.

It was also shown that there was a group of investigators who found a dead body lying in the sea.

It was also shown that a person who was investigating suddenly saw a snake in front of him from which your kid might get scared.

Parents Consideration

As NCIS: Sydney is a crime series you need to pay attention to your kids as this contains a lot of fighting scenes like characters are shown shooting each other which would lead to bad impacts on your kid.

It also shows dead body which is also not good for your kids so you must notice these considerations which is important.


Below we have given the information about NCIS: Sydney

When and where to watch it?

NCIS: Sydney is going to be released on November 14, 2023, on Paramount+.The season contained 22 episodes.

Who is in the cast?

NCIS: Sydney includes Olivia Swann will play the role of NCIS Special Agent Michelle Mac, Sean Sagar will perform the character of NCIS Special Agent DeShawn Jac, and Mavournee Hazel will perform the character of AFP Forensic Scientist Bluebird.

Other casts include

  • Lewis Fitz-Gerald as Richard Rankin
  • Daniela Farinacci as Foreign Minister Susan Quinn
  • Tom Dawson as Evan Gerber
  • Brendan Maclean as Barefoot Protester
  • Kama Lord as Xena
  • Joshua McElroy as Bob Hawke Bar Manager
  • Todd Lasance as AFP counterpart Sergeant Jim ‘J
  • Tuuli Narkle as AFP Liaison Officer Constable Evi
  • Georgina Haig as Ana Niemus
  • Bert LaBonté as NCIS Agent Ken Carter
  • Drew Wilson as Sailor
  • Brayden Havard as US Petty Officer Flynn
  • Brett Nichols as Publican
  • Luke Lamond as US Lieutenant O’Leary

What is the storyline?

This series will let you know about the local stories through which you will get to know about the criminal stories as well.


NCIS: Sydney Season 1 Trailer
NCIS: Sydney Parents Guide


NCIS: Sydney Parents Guide: NCIS: Sydney is not rated yet but we will update you soon about all information regarding NCIS: Sydney. Stay with us and enjoy reading our articles.

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