NCIS fans left seriously worried for major character ahead of new episode
NCIS fans left seriously worried for major character ahead of new episode

In the upcoming third episode of the NCIS season, 20 will see the team take a new investigation when a dead body is found at an ancient burial site, as Nick Torres continues therapy with Dr. Grace, he discovers that their lives are in danger. The Twitter account of the show wrote in the caption “This case is personal it could change everything for one of our own. So Don’t miss NCIS‘s all-new episode on Monday at 9 pm @CBS.”

At the start of the clip, it is clear that Dr. Grace is linked to the victim and after a visit to her office, Torres finds her lying unconscious on the floor. Torres is attacked by a hooded figure before finding himself and Grace locked up together in a cage, the team tries to locate them.

Fans expressed their concern in the comment section one fan wrote “We better not lose Torres or Dr. Grace! and the second fan wrote, “DON’T HURT MY NICK PLEASE.”

Brian Dietzen who played the role of Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the show also teased the episode in a post on Instagram.

He wrote in the caption: “Damn that is a good-looking team! Wait… where’s Torres? This looks like it is gonna be a good one folks!

Fans comment on the post, fearing Torres’ death. One person wrote: “I’m getting a sick feeling that Torres dies. I love the cast but @wilmervalderrama stole my heart,” while another said: “I seriously hope Nick doesn’t die in this episode. I just enjoy him so freaking much. I am literally nervous for him now.”

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