The TV Series  NCIS, created by   American action police procedural television series created by Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill, In fact, TV Series,  NCIS is an Action, Drama, and Police procedural genre TV Series produced by Belisarius ProductionsParamount Network Television, CBS Paramount Network Television, CBS Television StudiosCBS Studios Moreover, the TV Series is Distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Read more about the TV Series, NCIS age Rating, and parental guides for kids.

The Series, NCIS who Official Poster, and Details

NCIS Age Rating 2020 - TV Show official Poster Netflix Images and Wallpapers
NCIS age rating tv show

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TV Series Name – NCIS

GenreAction, Drama, and Police procedural

CreatorDonald P. Bellisario and Don McGill

Age Rating –  13+

 original Release Date –September 23, 2003

Seasons-  18


Runtime – 39-44 mins


NCIS  TV Series Overview

season 1

The aggregation investigates back allegedly asleep Marine contact his wife with the aggregation anon advertent that a rogue CIA abettor is responsible. … NCIS investigate back the anatomy of a Navy Commander is begin on the bank and as they investigate, the aggregation bare an artifice of betrayal and murder.

season 2 

This is the Season 2 premiere episode. October 5, 2004. NCIS investigates back the diminished charcoal of a woman are begin and anon ascertain that a consecutive analgesic may be responsible. NCIS investigate the afterlife of a clandestine FBI abettor and ascertain an abettor of the FBI may be a birthmark for a Mafia abomination boss

season 3

The third season opens in the aftermath of “Twilight”, with the entire team in shock and Gibbs on a vendetta to seek revenge for Kate’s murder. Matters are complicated by the intervention of Gibbs’ former lover and new NCIS director Jenny Shepard, and Mossad Officer Ziva David.

season 4

September 26, 2006. When his daughter’s activity is threatened, FBI abettor Tobias Fornell turns to the NCIS aggregation and a retired Gibbs for help. … The aggregation investigates the afterlife of a Navy Petty Officer and ascertains that it may be affiliated to a case that Gibbs’s coach formed during his time as a NIS agent.

season 5

After an agitated battle in which DiNozzo, McGee, and Ziva are injured, the aggregation realizes the Marine is accountable for an experiment. … The NCIS aggregation investigates back a Muslim Marine has begun asleep abreast an abbey that is doubtable by the FBI of agitator recruitment.

season 6

Back in D.C., Tony is affected to catechism Ziva’s adherence to NCIS in the after-effects of Rivkin’s actualization in LA. After an aegis aperture at the SECNAV’s abode leads to the afterlife of an ICE agent, Gibbs and the aggregation are affected to assignment with ICE and the FBI to acquisition his killer.

season 7

At the end of division six, Ziva had larboard the NCIS aggregation in Israel, abiding by assignment as a Mossad officer. … In the aboriginal adventure of division seven, Ziva is rescued by Gibbs, Tony, and McGee, and aloft her acknowledgment to Washington, she eventually becomes an NCIS abettor afterward resigning from Mossad for good.

season 8

Leon Carroll, Jr. Director Vance has Gibbs and his aggregation assigned to the case of drug-addicted jailbait accused of patricide. Gibbs begins to catechism Vance’s motives back the NCIS aggregation activate to acquisition inconsistencies in the analysis that advance him to accept his doubtable is innocent.

season 9

The analysis of a Navy Commander’s annihilation leads the aggregation to E.J. Barrett to reopen their analysis into the affected FBI Agent Stratton, who attempted to annihilate the above and DiNozzo months prior. NCIS investigates the afterlife of a Navy abettor whose anatomy began at an architecture site.

season 10

The aggregation works to acquisition a missing girl, afterwards, a Naval administrator is murdered with his daughter, the acquaintance of the missing teenager, as a witness; Ziva takes in the adolescent babe as her mother is overseas. Diane, the ex-wife of Gibbs and Fornell, allotment in the average of an NCIS investigation.

season 11

Gibbs and Pride formed calm to investigate the annihilation of one of the added Fed 5 members, who was dead by a consecutive killer. Doing so brought Gibbs to New Orleans, an area the two begin the analgesic and dead him. At the end of the season, Gibbs got a setback back his ancestor had a baleful stroke

season 12

NCIS hunts bottomward an acquaintance agitator afterward an accomplishment mission in Syria reveals that an American was complex in the kidnapping of an amusing worker. McGee and Bishop catechism Tony’s Contempo habits as ATF Special Agent Zoe Keates allotment to assignment the case and turns out to be his girlfriend.

season 13

When insurgents in South Sudan advance an accumulation of advanced doctors, Special Agent Stan Burley asks the aggregation for advice, and DiNozzo is reunited with his ex-girlfriend Jeanne Benoit. DiNozzo and McGee biking to the abomination arena for the collective annihilation and kidnapping case again accompany the chase for the missing doctors.

season 14

When a missing MI6 Administrator is affiliated to a murdered petty officer, Gibbs sends Quinn and Bishop to Philadelphia to assign with MI6 Administrator Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry). … After a kidnapped petty administrator escapes her captor, NCIS uncovers an affiliation to her missing husband.

season 15

The aggregation investigates the annihilation of a Navy lieutenant, whose anatomy is begin hidden at a bounded cemetery; Gibbs and McGee charge canyon a psychiatric appraisal by Dr. … Director Vance welcomes NCIS Special Agent Sloane (Maria Bello), an argumentative analyst he lobbied to the alteration from California to headquarters

season 16

NCIS investigates the annihilation of Marine Major Ellen Wallace ahead believed to accept been dead in the 9/11 advance on the Pentagon, afterward her charcoal is baldheaded at an architecture site. Wallace is Gibbs’s ex-fiancée; clashing his added relationships, Gibbs was the one to breach it off.

season 17

NCIS investigates Marine Corporal Laney Alimonte after evidence suggests she murdered her neighbor while being treated for insomnia by a hypnotherapist. While investigating Marine’s murder, the NCIS team uncovers a labyrinth of live-streaming spy cameras hidden in the rooms of a Virginia motel.

season 1’8

Gibbs and Fornell attack to clue bottomward the baton of a biological arena who supplied drugs to Fornell’s daughter. Also, the aggregation deals with the case of a missing body from the NCIS dissection room.

What is NCIS Age Rating




BBFC – 12+


CommonSenseMedia – 13+

Details of Parental Guidance for NCIS

The TV Series,NCIS  Age rating, is 13+

In fact, the age rating, fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America TV Series rating system), CSM(common sense media), BBFC(British Board Of Film Classification). The board can decide who can watch the TV Series and TV shows. Here, for NCIS  it is rated 13+ for the contents shown in the TV Series. Including brutal violence, sexual references, and drug trade, throughout the Series. Notably, the 13+ rating suggests that children under the age of 13 are restricted to watch the Series. If you have watched the TV Series, please provide the comments and thus help other kids/parents with the age rating and its contents.

NCIS 2020 rating 12 in the United Kingdom and TV-14 in the United States and overseas. In addition, it is rated PG in Canada, MA15+ in Australia, and 10 in France. Other ratings include R13 in New Zealand, 15 in South Korea, 12 in Spain, and 12 in the Netherlands. Also, 14 inBrazil. This includes the age rating of NCIS in the US, UK, NZ, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, etc…

Explained Why NCIS Received 13+ Age Rating

  • Sexual references
  • no nudity
  • Kissing scenes
  • Man in boxers
  • Blood contents
  • stabbings on neck
  • head chopped off
  • face lacerated
  • hard combat fights
  • gunshots
  • car crash
  • people threw out of glass doors
  • People were beaten to death
  • Severe curse words
  • drinking and illegal drugs usage
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Heroin usage and trade
  • We will update more details very sooner

Eventually, these are the reasons for the 13+ rating for the TV Series, NCIS.

NCIS Release date

The TV Series, NCIS  release date is September 23, 2003.

What is NCIS Runtime

TV Series NCIS  with total 401 episodes from 18 seasons. Each episodes takes  39-44 minutes.

  • NCIS Age Rating – Wallpapers and Images

NCIS Age Rating 2020 - TV Show Netflix Poster Images and Wallpapers
NCIS Age Rating 2020 – TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers
  • Official Trailer of NCIS  TV Series


Summary Of NCIS  Cast

The TV Series casting includes Mark Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, Cote de Pablo, Lauren Holly, and others. In this Series, Mark Harmon plays the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. While Sasha Alexander features as Caitlin Todd  And Michael Weatherly come as Anthony DiNozzo. Furthermore, Pauley Perrette stars as Abby Sciuto.

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