My Brilliant Friend Parents Guide

The TV Series My Brilliant Friend, An Italian- and Neapolitan-language coming-of-age drama television series, created by Saverio Costanzo.

In fact, the TV Series, My Brilliant Friend is a drama genre TV Series produced by Luigi Marinello, Sara Polese, Laura Paolucci.

The series, Production company: Wildside, Fandango, Umedia, The Apartment, Mowe. Moreover, the TV Series is Distributed by Fremantle, Rai Com.

My Brilliant Friend age rating TV-MA for sexual violence, domestic abuse. Read more about the TV Series, My Brilliant Friend age Rating, and parents guide for kids. 

My Brilliant Friend Age Rating

My Brilliant Friend age rating is TV-MA

 Program-rated TV-MA is intended to be viewed by mature, adult audiences and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains content that is unsuitable for children.

My Brilliant Friend Parents Guide

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Sexual content and nudity show throughout the series.
A man is stabbed in the neck and dies. Blood content showed.
A man is seen being violently beaten. His face is bloody. Some blood splatter is seen, hard to watch for Kids.
No Drugs are used in this series.
In one episode where a girl is sexually assaulted, which is very disturbing.
there is a scene of a man getting beaten with some kids crying. Really intense and disturbing
People are seeing to having alcohol and smoking cigarettes.
Use of profanity throughout the series.
A rape scene and a sex scene between an older man and a young girl.


My Brilliant Friend Season 2 Release Date

My Brilliant Friend (Season 2) set scheduled for release on 16 March 2020.

Official Poster and Details

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My Brilliant Friend Age Rating | My Brilliant Friend Parents Guide (2018)
My Brilliant Friend Age Rating | My Brilliant Friend Parents Guide (2018)

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Series Name My Brilliant Friend
Genre Drama
Age Rating  TV-MA
Creator  Saverio Costanzo
Seasons 2
Episodes 16
Distributed by  Fremantle, Rai Com
Official website HBO

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My Brilliant Friend Plot story

At six years of age, Elena is an exact young lady who has reliably acquired great grades in school. Lila, then again, is raucous yet found to be unbelievably gifted.

Still up in the air to engage her young female understudies, Lila and Elena’s instructor chooses them to address the class in rivalry against two more established young men.


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Ep. 1 The vanishing of her old Friend, Lila Cerrullo, causes 60-year-old creator Elena Greco to consider the beginning of their fellowship in 1950s Naples when Elena and Lila are two altogether different young ladies at the highest point of their group.

At the point when the young ladies find the underground refuge of Don Achille, a criminal figure who controls the area, they choose to stand up to him, confronting their feelings of trepidation together and laying the foundation of an enduring kinship and contention.

Ep. 2 ‘I Soldi (The Money).’ (Season One) Elena and Lila battle to proceed with their schooling; demise changes things in the neighborhood until the end of time.

Ep. 3 ‘Le Metamorfosi (The Metamorphoses).’ (Season One) Now teenagers, Elena and Lila battle to associate as their prospects separate.

Ep. 4 ‘Le Smarginatura (Dissolving Margins).’ (Season One) Elena enters secondary school as Lila disregards her numerous admirers.

Ep. 5 Elena becomes burnt out on Gino, while Lila rejects two expected admirers at an expense; an uncommon trip into the city turns rough; Elena stresses over not being there for Lila subsequent to tolerating an encouragement to spend the mid-year from the area.

Ep. 6 On the island of Ischia, Elena runs into the Sarratore family, reigniting her youth pound on Nino; Lila’s protection from Marcello’s squeezing romance arrives at a limit; an unforeseen experience leaves Elena shaken on her fifteenth birthday celebration.

Ep. 7 Elena gets back to Naples and discovers that Lila is sincerely engaged with Stefano, in spite of Marcello’s advances. While Lila accepts that lavish way of life Elena chooses to respond to heartfelt development

Ep. 8 The shoe deals are moderate, so Stefano makes an arrangement with the Solares regardless of Lila’s complaints. Elena is tossed out of class for communicating her brain, she composes an article about that. Lila’s big day shows up.

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Ep. 1 Lenu and Lila proceed with their lives in various ways: Lila works in the shoe store and Elena gets back to class.

Ep. 2 Antonio is distraught as Lenu for attempting to stop his draft to the military. Stefano hits Lila and holds nothing back from Lenu. Lila is frantic at Lenu for attempting to accommodate Stefano and her.

Ep.3 Lila puts her energy into the supermarket, even at the cost of her wellbeing – But she won’t have her photograph in the shoe store. Elena is welcome to a gathering at her educator’s home and Lila needs to join her.

Ep. 4 On Lila’s solicitation, Lenu joins her and Pinuccia at Ischia for the mid-year. They meet Nino Serratore, and both are drawn to him.

Ep. 5 Lila and Nino get hazardously near one another throughout the late spring excursion in Ischia. This makes’ Lenu extremely upset, feeling twice sold out.

Ep. 6 Following the get-away in Ischia Elena disengages from Lila and Nino. Lila concludes she can’t go on with her life, so she leaves Stefano and moves in with Nino. Elena goes to Pisa for her college examination. Antonio returns parted from his military help and searches for work.

Ep. 7 Elena enjoys her life as a student in Pisa. When she is sick she reads the notebooks Lila gave her during her visit to Naples and learns what Lila has gone through during the years.

Ep. 8 Elena graduates college, meets a man from a decent family, and gets back to Naples. At the point when she gets back she is informed that Lila ventured out from home with her child. While in Pisa Elena composed a clever dependent on her life.


My Brilliant Friend Season 3

HBO confirmed the third season has been officially renewed but there’s no release date yet. We will update you here soon, whenever it’s release.

My Brilliant Friend Wallpaper and Images

My Brilliant Friend Age Rating | My Brilliant Friend Parents Guide (2018)
My Brilliant Friend Age Rating | My Brilliant Friend Parents Guide (2018)

My Brilliant Friend Runtime

TV Series My Brilliant Friend, with a total of 16 episodes from 2 seasons. Each episode takes 53-64 minutes.

My Brilliant Friend Cast

The TV Series casting includes Elisa Del Genio, Anna Rita Vitolo, Luca Gallone, Imma Villa, Antonio Milo, Valentina Acca, Dora Romano, Antonio Buonanno, Antonio Pennarella, Nunzia Schiano, and others.

In this Series, Elisa Del Genio and Margherita Mazzucco as Elena “Lenù” Greco, Anna Rita Vitolo as Immacolata Greco, Luca Gallone as Vittorio Greco, Imma Villa as Manuela Solara, Antonio Milo as Silvio Solara, Adriano Tammaro and Alessio Gallo as Michele Solara,Valentina Acca as Nunzia Cerullo, Antonio Buonanno as Fernando Cerullo, Dora Romano as Miss Oliviero, Antonio Pennarella as Don Achille Carracci, Nunzia Schiano as Nella Incardo, Giovanni Cannata as Armando Galiani, Francesco Russo as Bruno Soccavo, Bruno Orlando as Franco Mari, Daria Deflorian as Adele Airota, Matteo Cecchi as Pietro Airota

My Brilliant Friend Age Rating and​ My Brilliant Friend Parents Guide

Know about My Brilliant Friend age rating and parental Guidance here. My Brilliant Friend age rating in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas is explained here.

TV series My Brilliant Friend MA15+ in Australia,6 in Brazil, K-12 in Finland,10 in France, T in Italy, R16 in New Zealand,16 in Poland,15 in South Korea,16 in Spain, 15 in the United Kingdom, TV-MA in the United States.

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