Mickey's Mouse Trap Parents Guide (1)
Mickey's Mouse Trap Parents Guide (1) Credit: X.com

Mickey’s Mouse Trap Parents Guide: Mickey’s Mouse Trap is a 2024 Comedy Horror film directed by Jamie Bailey and written by Simon Phillips.

It stars Simon Phillips, Nick Biskupek, and James Laurin in the film, showing the story of Alex’s 21st birthday with twists and turns, which will be enjoyed by the audiences.

It is produced by Simon Phillips, executive producer Alexander Gausman, Mark Popejoy, and Paul Whitney.

This article will give information about Mickey’s Mouse Trap Parents Guide, Mickey’s Mouse Trap Age Ratings, and other details about Mickey’s Mouse Trap.

Title Mickey’s Mouse Trap
GenreComedy, Horror
Director Jamie Bailey
Released date Expected March 2024
Country Canada
Distributor MM Trap
Mickey’s Mouse Trap Parents Guide
Mickey's Mouse Trap Parents Guide
Mickey’s Mouse Trap Parents Guide

Mickey’s Mouse Trap Age Ratings

Mickey’s Mouse Trap is not officially rated but is not suitable for kids under 13 because of the Consumption of Alcohol and Violence in the film.

Age Ratings are given according to the contents shown in the film. The kids’ maturity levels are different, and they all watch different ranges in different ways.

You should always go for the age ratings, as these are made for you so that you can make the right decision for your kids.

Mickey’s Mouse Trap Parents Guide

Mickey’s Mouse Trap Parents Guide will guide you about the content shown in the film in which way so that you can guide your kid on the right path.

Always go for the reviews before allowing your kid to watch any film or series, as it will keep you informed about the important things about the movie or series you should know.

Consumption of Alcohol

It shows that there are the characters who are shown drinking Alcohol and also there are holding glasses in their hand which are filled with Alcohol.


The killer who was shown in Mickey Mouse Dress was trying to kill Alex in many ways and also she was shown wounded in the film.

Parents Consideration

You should take care when you allow your kid to watch Mickey’s Mouse Trap as the film includes the Consumption of Alcohol and violence, which can have bad impacts on the kids.

You should take care of so many things as the kids are too young to decide for themselves for this you are there.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about Mickey’s Mouse Trap.

What is the storyline?

It features the story of Alex, who has a 21st birthday but is stuck in a late shift, so her friend decides to surprise her. There is a killer dressed like a Mickey Mouse, and then how she survives it.

When is the release?

Mickey’s Mouse Trap is expected to be premiered on March 2024 on MM Trap worldwide. After that, you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Simon Phillips as Mickey, James Laurin asPaul, Damir Kovica as Detective Cole, Callum Sywyk as Marcus, Jesse Nasmith as Danny, Madeline Kelman as Jayna, and Nick Biskupek as Detective Marsh.

Liam Grue as Hockey Goon 2, Allegra Nocita as Marie, Mackenzie Mills as Rebecca, Ben Harris as Ryan, and Mireille Gagné as Gemma.


MICKEY'S MOUSE TRAP Trailer (2024)
Mickey’s Mouse Trap Parents Guide


Mickey’s Mouse Trap Parents Guide: Mickey’s Mouse Trap is not rated. We will update soon, but it is not suitable for kids under 13 for violence and Consumption of Alcohol.

After reading our article, you will be able to answer for which you were here. Keep reading our article and also enjoy it while reading it.

Mickey's Mouse Trap
Mickeys Mouse Trap Parents Guide 1

Director: Jamie Bailey

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