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Know what is the age rating of Maniac, the 2018 tv series. Maniac Netflix TV show Age Rating is explained here. Why Maniac 2018 received this age rating? Read the complete information here. Maniac  2018 Netflix tv show age rating in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas. Maniac MPAA rating and Maniac BBFC age rating, also Netflix age rating for Manica 2018.  Find Maniac series Parental Guidance or Parental Appropriate here.

Maniac 2018 TV show Overview

TV show Maniac, directed by Cary Fukunaga. The American dark, comedy, drama, genre TV Series casting includes Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux, and others.  Obviously, Emma Stone plays the role of Annie Landsberg. And Jonah Hill stars as Owen Milgrim. Furthermore, Sonoya Mizuno features as Dr. Fujita.

Paramount Television and Anonymous Content together produced the series, Maniac. It plots the story of two strangers brought together into a pharmaceutical trial, promising them to eradicate all their personal problems but things go beyond the expectations. Surprisingly, the emotionally complex computer brings out more advanced bonding between them.

What is the Maniac Age Rating

The TV Series, Maniac Age rating, is TV-MA.

In fact, the age rating, fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America film rating system). TV-MA means the series includes contents where children under the age of 16 are prohibited to watch the series as many parents would not like their kids to watch. Firstly, TV-MA rated – Maniac, for, including sexual references, violence, drug use and language throughout, that is not suited for children under the age of 16.

Furthermore, Maniac 2018 rated TV-MA in the United Kingdom and in the United States and also overseas. Also, rated 16+ in Netflix, M18 in Singapore and 16 in Spain. See the series Maniac 2018 Appropriate for UK, US, Canada, AUS, NZ, Ireland, and other countries.

Explained Why Maniac Received TV-MA Age Rating

  • Sexual references and contents
  • Sexually explicit clothing
  • References to necrophilia and masturbation
  • Man shot on the head and blood sprays
  • Graphical violence throughout
  • Cocaine and other drug usages
  • Alcohol consumption

Eventually, these are the reasons for the TV-MA rating for Maniac.

  • Maniac Age Rating – Release date

In fact, Maniac will reach the Netflix on September 21, 2018. Also, the global distribution right, purchased by Netflix.

  • Maniac Age Rating – Wallpapers and Images Poster

Maniac Emma Stone 2018 - Netflix TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers
New Maniac Emma Stone 2018 – Netflix TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers
Maniac Age Rating 2018 - Netflix TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers
Maniac Age Rating 2018 – Netflix TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers
  • Official Trailer of Maniac TV Show

What is Maniac Runtime

The TV series includes 1 season and 10 episodes. Including each episode with 30 minutes.

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