Maestro Parents Guide
Maestro Parents Guide

Maestro (2023 Film) Introduction and Wiki

Maestro Parents Guide: Maestro is an upcoming Biography, Drama film which is directed and written by Bradley Cooper and Josh Singer. The main cast includes Bradley Cooper, Miriam Shor, Carey Mulligan, and others.

The production work of this Series is done by the following production company Sikelia Productions, and Amblin Entertainment. Famous Distributor Netflix distributes it.

GenreBiography, Drama, Music
DirectorBradley Cooper
Language English
CountryUnited States
Maestro Parents Guide
Maestro Parents Guide
Maestro Parents Guide

Maestro Age Rating

Why Maestro is rated R?

MPA Rating- Maestro is Rated R for some language and drug use

The R rating indicates that the content is intended for adult audiences, typically 17 years and older. This suggests that the film may contain content that is not suitable for younger viewers and could be potentially offensive or inappropriate.

Film Maestro Parents Guide

Here is the detailed content guide about the film that parents should read before letting their kids watch the film. Our parents guide for Maestro will help you to decide if Maestro is OK for kids and you will also get to know if Maestro is appropriate for kids or not.

There is no Parent’s Guide available for the Maestro movie yet. There Might Be Some Kissing scenes between couples and Smoking In Here, We will update the post for you as soon as we get any information about the film or the Maestro Parents Guide.

Parental Considerations

Given the film’s R rating, parents and guardians are advised to exercise caution when considering whether the content is appropriate for their children.

The explicit content detailed in the age rating suggests that the film is intended for mature audiences who can handle adult themes, strong language, and sexual content.

Parents should consider their child’s maturity level, comfort with explicit content, and their family’s preferences when deciding on viewing.

Other Details

Here is the synopsis, cast, and trailer of Maestro.

Maestro Release Date

Maestro is scheduled to be released on December 20, 2023. You can watch Maestro on Netflix.

What Maestro is about?

The film tells the story of Leonard and Felicia’s complicated love that begins when they meet at a party in 1946 and lasts through two engagements, a 25-year marriage, and three children.

Who is in the cast of Maestro?

Here, is the list of Maestro Cast and Characters

  • Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein
  • Miriam Shor as Cynthia O’Neal
  • Carey Mulligan as Felicia Montealegre
  • Maya Hawke as Jamie Bernstein
  • Matt Bomer
  • Michael Urie as Jerome Robbins
  • Sarah Silverman as Shirley Bernstein
  • Alexa Swinton as Older Nina Bernstein
  • Josh Hamilton
  • Gideon Glick as Tommy Cothran
  • Sara Sanderson as Lil Hart
  • Kate Eastman as Ellen Adler
  • Sam Nivola as Alexander Bernstein
  • Eric Parkinson as Klaus
  • William Hill as Joseph
  • Gabe Fazio as Willard the Assistant
  • Oraldo Austin
  • Marko Caka as Stagehand

Official Trailer

Maestro | Official Teaser | Netflix
Maestro Parents Guide

Maestro FAQ

What is the Age Rating of Maestro?

Maestro is Rated R

Can teens watch Maestro?

No, teens can’t watch Maestro

Why Maestro is Rated R?

Maestro is Rated R for some language and drug use


Maestro Parents Guide: This is a Biography, Drama film, but its R rating for explicit content serves as a cautionary sign for parents and guardians.

While the film may appeal to adult audiences who appreciate this type of humor, parents need to make informed decisions about whether the content aligns with their family’s values and their child’s readiness for mature content.

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Director: Bradley Cooper

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