Love, Death & Robots Parents Guide | Love, Death & Robots Age Rating 2020
Love, Death & Robots Parents Guide | Love, Death & Robots Age Rating 2020

Love Death & Robots Parents Guide

The Netflix TV Series Love, Death & Robots is an American adult animated anthology streaming television series. Created by Tim Miller.

In fact, the Netflix TV Series, Love, Death & Robots is an Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi genre TV Series Executive Producer by David Fincher, Tim Miller, Jennifer Miller, Joshua Donen.

Production companies are Blur Studio, Netflix Studios.

Moreover, the TV Series is Distributed by Netflix. Read more about the Netflix TV Series, Love, Death & Robots age Rating, and parents guide for kids.

Official Poster and Details

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Love, Death & Robots Parents Guide | Love, Death & Robots Age Rating 2020
Love, Death & Robots Parents Guide | Love, Death & Robots Age Rating 2020

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Series Name Love, Death & Robots
Genre Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Age Rating  TV-MA
Creator Tim Miller
Seasons 2
Episodes 26
Distributed by  Netflix 
Official website

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Love Death & Robots Age Rating

Love, Death & Robots age rating is TV-MA

 Program-rated TV-MA is intended to be viewed by mature, adult audiences and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains content that is unsuitable for children.
Also, Love, Death & Robots is rated 18+ by Netflix officials for language.

Love, Death & Robots Parents Guide

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No Sexual content and nudity are Present in this series.
It’s incredibly brutal, bloody, and gory. A woman’s head is stomped in, arms and legs are severed.
Extreme violence with highly disturbing moments kids might affect.
People are seeing to having alcohol and drugs throughout the series.
Some bed words are used like bullsh*t, and a*s. Words like f*ck etc.
Fully Animation series, Some scene is very emotional, Viewers might get emotional.
People are stabbed, shot, and blown apart.


Love, Death & Robots Season 2 Release Date

The series Love, Death & Robots (Season 2) Released on 14 May 2021 on Netflix. 

Love, Death & Robots Plot

Long get-togethers fall of humankind, three robots (K-VRC, XBOT 4000, and 11-45-G) meander through a dystopian city, attempting to see how people lived dependent on their restricted information on them and the things they abandoned.

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Ep. 1 In the underground universe of “beastie” battles, Sonnie is superb – as long as she keeps her edge.

Ep. 2 Long get-togethers fall of humankind, three robots leave on a touring visit through a dystopian city.

Ep. 3 In the wake of seeing a severe homicide, a lady escapes from the executioner through the roads of a dreamlike city.

Ep. 4 A people group of ranchers utilize their custom-made mechs to protect their families from an outsider attack.

Ep. 5 Released by an archeological burrow, a murderous evil presence fights a group of hired soldiers equipped with… felines?

Ep. 6 After researchers coincidentally breed ingenious yogurt, it before long craves global control.

Ep. 7 Arousing in the wake of traveling with as little luggage as possible years off base, a boat’s team battles to find exactly how far they’ve come.

Ep. 8 The child of a soul tracker fashions a bond with a shape-moving Huli jing.

Ep. 9 Revolting Dave calls the landfill home, and he’s not going to let some city slicker remove it from him..

Ep. 10 Somewhere down in Afghanistan, two Marines with heavenly powers face danger from one of their own sort.

Ep. 11 Abandoned in a circle, a space explorer should pick among life and appendage before her oxygen runs out.

Ep. 12 After their vehicle stalls in the desert, two sales reps take a fanciful journey to the beginning of time.

Ep. 13 After the outsource Lucky 13 lost two groups, no pilot would fly her… yet, freshmen don’t get a decision.

Ep. 14 The famous craftsman Zima relates his baffling past and ascends to notoriety prior to disclosing his last work.

Ep. 15 A group of cyborg hoodlums stages a rapid heist of an intensely reinforced escort.

Ep. 16 A few actions into a loft and tracks down a lost development inside their old-fashioned cooler.

Ep. 17 Need to see Hitler bite the dust in an assortment of cleverly phenomenal ways? Presently you can. Welcome to Multiversity!

Ep. 18 World-class units of the Red Army battle an unholy malevolent somewhere down in the antiquated backwoods of Siberia.


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Ep. 1 Some senior residents are sufficiently fortunate to partake in their brilliant years in the upcoming innovative, helped living networks. They seek after unwinding, all their necessities dealt with – until their automated workers choose to kill them.

Ep. 2 In a future where numerous people are upgraded with unprecedented strength and perseverance, the “unmodded” feel abandoned. This class struggle drives a crack between two siblings that puts their lives in danger during a perilous race.

Ep.3 In a future where assets are constrained by the rich, “unregistered posterity” is taboo by the state. A cop accused of implementing populace control faces an emergency of still, small voice.

Ep.4 On a parched, singed planet at the edge of galactic human advancement, an imperishable pale-skinned person named “Snow” is pursued by a variety of recruited executioners. Be that as it may, after a lovely odder named Herald saves his life, she uncovers her own arrangements for him.

Ep. 5 At the point when a train makes an unscheduled stop in no place, a solitary voyager is baited into the encompassing fields by ethereal lights. However, his interest might demonstrate destructive when he finds the frightful wellspring of the enlightenment.

Ep.6 On Christmas Eve, a young lady and her younger sibling lie alert. At the point when a jingle of ringers reports Saint Nick’s appearance they sneak ground floor expecting to get a brief look at the legendary gift-supplier – yet discover something unforeseen.

Ep. 7 At the point when his boat is harmed in the fight, a battle pilot crash-lands on a barren planet. Luckily there’s a mechanized sanctuary on a superficial level he can take shelter in until salvage shows up – on the off chance that he can endure that long.

Ep.8 At the point when a 200-foot tall exposed body washes aground external a little fishing town, swarms accumulate to observe the exhibition. A neighborhood researcher archives the leviathan’s acquiescence to nature.


Love, Death & Robots Season 3

The Netflix TV-Series Love, Death & Robots (Season 3) set a schedule for release in 2022.

Love, Death & Robots Wallpaper and Images

Love, Death & Robots Parents Guide | Love, Death & Robots Age Rating 2020
Love, Death & Robots Parents Guide | Love, Death & Robots Age Rating 2020

Love, Death & Robots Official Trailer 



Love, Death & Robots Runtime

TV Series Love, Death & Robots, with a total of 26 episodes from 2 seasons. Each episode takes 6-18 minutes.

Love, Death & Robots-Voice Cast

The Netflix TV-Series cast –Scott Whyte, Nolan North, Steven Pacey, Emily O’Brien, Fred Tatasciore, Matthew Yang King, Michelle C. Bonilla, Chris Cox, Ike Amadi, Noshir Dalal, Piotr Michael 

Scott Whyte as  Future Nazi, Nolan North as Detective Briggs, Steven Pacey as Railman, Emily O’Brien as Eve, Fred Tatasciore as Creature, Matthew Yang King as Adult Liang, Michelle C. Bonilla as Commander, Chris Cox as Bob, Ike Amadi as Officer Mantus, Noshir Dalal as  Officer Soran, Elly Condron as Alexandria, Piotr Michael as Jharit

Love, Death & Robots Age Rating and​ Love, Death & Robots Parents Guide

Know about Love, Death & Robots age rating, and parental Guidance here. Love, Death & Robots age rating in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas is explained here.

Netflix series The Lat Dance Rating 18 in Argentina,18 in Brazil, VM18 in Italy,16 in the Netherlands,18+ in Russia, R21 in Singapore,18 in South Korea,18 in Spain,18+ in Turkey,18 in the United Kingdom, TV-MA in the United States

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