Lost Skies Parents Guide

Lost Skies is an Action, Adventure game. This game is developed by Bossa Studios. Lost Skies was Published by publishers like Humble Games Games.

Here is a new Video game that you will play with your friends as a team and you will also help them. Choose your agent in the game and get ready to enjoy the game.

Here, is more details about this Game read Lost Skies Parents Guide, Release Date, Price, Gameplay, and Age Rating.

Lost Skies Parents Guide
Lost Skies Parents Guide

Lost Skies Game’s Release Date

No official release date is announce yet but Lost Skies is expected to be released in 2023 Lost Skies is available on Platforms PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

NameLost Skies
GenreAction, Adventure
DevelopersBossa Studios
PublishersHumble Games
Release DateTo be announced
PlatformPlatforms PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows
Lost Skies Parents Guide

Gameplay is here

Lost Skies is a cooperative survival adventure for 1-6 players among the clouds in a vast sky of floating islands. Explore and craft ancient technology, build your own skyship, weather fierce storms, and fight the vast dangers that await beyond the horizon.

System Requirements for Lost Skies

System requirements are not yet available for the Lost Skies game, We will update the game again for you with complete information about system requirements so that complete information about the game is available to you.

Age Rating of Lost Skies

Age ratings are recommendations for parents and carers of kids to help them decide what is appropriate for their child depending on what stage of development they are at.

Our one and only aim are to tell you the best simple and accessible age rating and make you aware of the content present in the game through the parent guide, So read Lost Skies Parents Guide.

Lost Skies is Age Rating is not available but we will update you soon

Lost Skies Parents Guide helper for you

First of all, parents should read any film, series, book, or game about their parents guide, then they can find out whether it is suitable for their children or not.

Brutal Violence
Use of dangerous weapons
A lot of Fighting throughout the game
Lost Skies Parents Guide

Official Trailer

Lost Skies Parents Guide

Lost Skies FAQ

Who can play the Lost Skies Game?

The age rating for Play Age of Lost Skies Game is given in the above-written article.

What Lost Skies Game is Rated?

The age rating of the Lost Skies game is currently pending.

Is Lost Skies Game is Free to Play?

No, Lost Skies Game is not Free-to-Play.

PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) and ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Both of these sites provide you with age ratings for video games and rating summaries to alert you to inappropriate content.

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