Lord of Misrule Parents Guide (1)
Lord of Misrule Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

Lord of Misrule Parents Guide: Lord of Misrule is a Horror film directed by William Brent Bell and written by Tom de Ville, starring Tuppence Middleton, Ralph Ineson, and Matt Stokoe in the lead roles.

It is the story of how a priest saves her daughter from evil, which premiered on December 8, 2023, on Magnet Releasing.

In this article, you will get information about the Lord of Misrule Parents Guide and Lord of Misrule Age ratings so that you may make an easy decision for your kid.

TitleLord of Misrule
DirectorWilliam Brent Bell
Releasing date December 8, 2023
CountryUnited Kingdom, Ireland
Language English
Distributor Magnet Releasing
Lord of Misrule Parents Guide
Lord of Misrule Parents Guide
Lord of Misrule Parents Guide Credit: FANGORIA

Lord of Misrule Age ratings

Lord of Misrule is rated age 15+ by the British for the violence, nudity, and language, which means it is not suitable for kids under 15.

15+ ratings are given to those films or series that contain Sexual, nudity, violence, and language that is not suitable for kids under 15.

You should follow the age ratings as this is made for you so that you can decide which is okay for you and which film is not, as the maturity level of every kid is different.

Lord of Misrule Parents Guide

Lord of Misrule Parents Guide will guide you about the contents shown in the Lord of Misrule so that you can know everything about the film, and then you will make the right decision for your kids.


It includes so much violence in it as it has been shown that there is a character who is shown getting slapped by the other one.

An animal was shown suffering from the violence, one character was shown who was killed, and some characters were shown set on fire and then led to death.

Sexual Content

It includes nudity, and it was shown that there was a man who was shown shirtless in the film.

Consumption of Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol was also shown in the film, as there were some characters who were drinking alcohol together.


It also contains some strong language, as some characters are shown speaking harsh words to others.

Parents Consideration

You need to care for so many things if you allow your kid to watch Lord of Misrule as it consists of violence as people are shown being killed, which can lead to a bad impact on the kids.

It also includes some strong language, which is not good for the kids to watch, and also, there is consumption of alcohol and nudity in the film, which is not suitable for the kids.

Other details

Below, you will find information about the Lord of Misrule.

What is the storyline?

It is a horror story featuring a priest who is making so much effort to find his daughter and also to save his daughter from evil.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Tuppence Middleton, who will be playing the role of Rebecca Holland; Matt Stokoe, who will be Henry Holland; Rosalind March, who will be performing as Miri Tremlow; and Alexa Goodall, who will be Bryony Furleigh.

Along with them, other casts are given below:-

  • Jane Wood as Ida Tremlow
  • Simon Bundock as Village Boy
  • Catriona Yuill as
    Callie Furleigh
  • George Keeler as Dave Garfoot
  • Rachael Joanne Brown as Goats Head Fire Dancer
  • Ralph Ineson as Jocelyn Abney
  • Anton Valensi as George Furleigh
  • Robert Goodman as Graham Nash
  • David Langham as DI Hythe
  • Evie Templeton as Grace Holland
  • Luc Ineson as Derry Nash
  • Marc Hockley as Villager
  • Sally Plumb as Marjorie Garfoot


LORD OF MISRULE  Official Trailer (2024)
Lord of Misrule Parents Guide


Lord of Misrule Parents Guide: Lord of Misrule consists of violence, nudity, language, and consumption of alcohol, which should not be watched by kids under 15.

Other information regarding Lord of Misrule has been given above in the article, which will help you to make better decisions for your kid.

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