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Live A Live is a Japanese Role-playing, turn-based tactic, and Adventure Video Game, Square is the Developer of this Game Square Enix is a Famous Japanese Multinational holding company, This game is going to be published by Nintendo, Square Enix, and Square.

This Game is Directed by Takashi Tokita and Penned by Takashi Tokita, and Nobuyuki Inoue, And the credit for composing the game goes to Yoko Shimomura. The game follows seven different scenarios spanning different time periods.

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Release Date

As we have told you above, live a live game is a Japanese game, this game was first released by Japanese developer Square on September 2, 1994, After That Remake was announced for Nintendo Switch in February 2022. The game was first released almost 30 years ago.

The game will be released in Japan by Square Enix in 2022 and published worldwide by Nintendo Switch. The game was released everywhere on July 22, 2022, for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii U.

NameLive A Live
GenreRole-playing, turn-based tactics, Adventure game, Fiction
PublishersNintendo, Square Enix, Square
ModeSingle Player
EngineUnreal Engine 4
Initial Release Date2 September 1994
PlatformsSuper Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii U
Live A Live Parents Guide

Live A Live Game Price: The Game Price is $49.99.

About The Live A Live Game

In this game, the player can take on the role of 8 different heroes mainly through 9 scenarios. The player character navigates themed environments in the game.

The game has 7 scenarios, each with its own historical era and characters. The game shows different aspects depending on the scenario currently being played and after completing almost all the scenarios, comes the medieval time.

Where the 8th scenario is unlocked, followed by an ante scenario that ties all 7 scenarios together.

Live A Live Parents Guide and Live A Live Age Rating (2022)
Live A Live Parents Guide and Live A Live Age Rating (2022)

Live A Live Age Rating is Below

The ESRB: Live A Live Game is Rated T (TEEN) for Blood, Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence, Language, and Suggestive Themes.

PEGI: Live A Live game is Rated 12 by PEGI.

Game is Rated T (TEEN) means that the content of the game is generally suitable for people aged 13 and over You may find content containing violence, obscenity, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or occasional use of strong language.

Live A Live Parents Guide is Written Below

Crude Humor.
Fantasy Violence.
Language Throughout.
Suggestive Themes is Present in this Game.
Live A Live Parents Guide

Live A Live System Requirements

To play this game your file size should be approx 4.6 GB, Super Famicom to the game. But it will be easy to play, but there is not much information about it yet.

Official Trailer

Live A Live - Official Launch Trailer

Official Site: Nintendo

PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) and ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Both of these sites provide you with age ratings for video games and rating summaries to alert you to inappropriate content So Read Live A Live Parents Guide Above.


What Live A Live Game is Rated?

Live A Live Game is Rated T (TEEN) by ESRB and Rated 12 by PEGI.

Why Live A Live Game is Rated T (TEEN)?

Live A Live Game is Rated T (TEEN) for Blood, Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence, Language, and Suggestive Themes.

Is Live A Live Game appropriate for 10 years kids?

No, Live A Live Game is Not appropriate for 10 years kids because it is Rated T for TEENS.

In the end, we want to say that you are most welcome to any suggestions, also please use the comment box for your review. Our aim is to tell you the best simple and accessible age rating and make you aware of the content present in the game through the parent guide.

Live A Live
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