La Chimera Parents Guide (1)
La Chimera Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

La Chimera Parents Guide: La Chimera is a 2024 adventure, comedy, and fantasy film directed by Alice Rohrwacher.

If you are worried about thinking La Chimera is okay for your kid, read our La Chimera Parents Guide below.

Film is written by Carmela Covino, Marco Pettenello, and Alice Rohrwacher.It stars Josh O’Connor, Carol Duarte, and Vincenzo Nemolato in the lead role.

Title La Chimera
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Released date March 29, 2024 (United States)
CountryItaly, France,Switzerland
LanguageItalian, English
La Chimera Parents Guide
La Chimera Parents Guide
La Chimera Parents Guide Credit: Rotten tomatoes

La Chimera Parents Guide

La Chimera is not rated yet. We will update you as soon as possible.

Our La Chimera Parents Guide is given below:-

Sexual– One woman and a man were kissing each other. A woman was shown topless.

Consumption of Alcohol– The characters are shown drinking Alcohol together.

Other Details

Below, we have given information regarding La Chimera.

What is the storyline?

It follows the story of archaeologists and several black things, which shows several bad sides of the market and the historical architects and other twists and turns that will be enjoyed by the viewers.

A group of archaeologists and the black market of historical artifacts.

When is the release?

La Chimera will be released on March 29, 2024, in the United States on Neon; after that, you can enjoy it and watch it.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Josh O’Connor as Arthur, Vincenzo Nemolato as Pirro, Alba Rohrwacher as Spartaco, Giuliano Mantovani as Jerry, Luca Gargiullo as Il portuale, Barbara Chiesa as Nella, and Chiara Pazzaglia as Rossa.

Along with Valentino Santagati as Cantastorie, Carol Duarte as Italia, Isabella Rossellini as Flora, Lou Roy-Lecollinet as Melodie, Gian Piero Capretto as Mario, and Ramona Fiorini as Fabiana

You will also see Yile Yara Vianello as Beniamina, Elisabetta Perotto as Vera, Francesca Carrain as Sista, Piero Crucitti as Cantastorie, and Melchiorre Pala as Melchiorre.


LA CHIMERA - Official HD Trailer (2024) - Only In CInemas
La Chimera Parents Guide


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La Chimera
La Chimera Parents Guide 1

Director: Alice Rohrwacher

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