INSIDE MAN 2022 Series Length
INSIDE MAN 2022 Series Length

On Monday, a brand-new thriller miniseries starring David Tennant and Stanley Tucci was made available on Netflix. Inside Man tells the story of two distinct men—one a murderer on death row who helps solve crimes and cases brought to him, and the other a vicar who has one misunderstanding that changes the course of his life forever—despite being based on a true story. Needless to say, the show has come at the right time, adding to our obsession with anything and everything that has to do with crime, serial killers, and murder.

What is the runtime of Inside Man 2022?

Moffat has made a name for himself by reinventing stories like Sherlock and The Time Traveler’s Wife and bringing the Doctor Who series back to life; however, Inside Man is entirely new. The screenwriter creates a brilliant and insane new anti-hero in four hour-long episodes. The Death Row Detective is Jefferson Grieff, who is on death row for the brutal murder of his wife.

The show has an average runtime of 60 minutes for each episode for season one. Meanwhile, the total runtime is of 1 hour 46 minutes (116 minutes).

Episode no. Air Date  Runtime
1 26 September 2022 60 minutes
2 27 September 2022 61 minutes
3 3 October 2022 60 minutes
4 4 October 2022 60 minutes


Inside Man Overview:

Tucci stars as this evil genius, whose past as a criminology professor and present as a convicted killer makes him an unparalleled expert on understanding the dark side of human nature. He’ll watch calmly as a distraught senator, a grieving family, and a suspicious journalist (Lydia West) lay out the details of confusing cases in the meeting room of a high-security prison. Even though he is chained to a desk and waiting for news of his execution date, he will occasionally assist them while remaining cool, collected, and clearly enjoying the power he possesses. Watch it on Netflix.

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