In Search of Darkness Part III Trailer Explained (1)
In Search of Darkness Part III Trailer Explained

The trailer for in search of Darkness: Part III takes people through a five-minute odyssey of the gruesome blood, guts, and gore 80s horror has to offer, featuring snippets of commentary and thoughts about 80s horror from horror icons like Robert Englund John Carpenter Cassandra Peterson and Adrienne Barbeau. Though a little longer than the average trailer, it’s meant to give people a taste of what Part III will bring.

Part three features 39 new actors giving interviews and anecdotes, adding Dee Wallace, and returning icons like Englund, Linnea Quigley (The Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons), Tom Savini, and Doug Bradley.

In Search of Darkness, a managerial made by Robin Block of CreatorVC Studios and written and directed by David A. Weiner was released in 2019 and explores the impact the horror genre had during the 1980s, featuring interviews and anecdotes with horror icons from the 80s and from today.

The second part, written and directed by Weiner and released in 2020, focuses on more obscure B-grade horror movies and features four hours of new interviews. Focusing on this in In Search of Darkness: Part II was important to Weiner.

As he implied in an interview with Forbes, “we  all love these films  for different reasons and we all acknowledge that while The Shining might be the cream of the crop, Chopping Mall still has a place in our hearts.” With all the goodies parts, one and two had, part three looks to have more of the same horror-filled goodies in store for the association and for horror fans.

You can pre-order In Search of Darkness: Part III, at the website 80s Horror Doc until October 31, with an estimated shipping date of January 2023 and a digital release date of November 2022. You can also purchase parts one and two individuals, or buy all three of them together in a set.


For more details, Check the trailer of In Search of Darkness III

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