Human Planet Parents Guide | Human Planet Age Rating 2011
Human Planet Parents Guide | Human Planet Age Rating 2011

Human Planet Parents Guide

The TV Series Human Planet, British television documentary series, Narrated by John Hurt.

In fact, the TV Series, Human Planet is a documentary genre. The series, Produced by Nicolas Brown, Mark Flowers, Tom-Hugh Jones, Tuppence Stone,  Production company: BBC Natural History Unit, BBC Cymru Wales, Discovery Channel, France Television.

 Moreover, the TV Series is Distributed by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Television, FS Film, Polyband, Spektrum Televizio, WOWOW, Yleisradio (YLE).

Read more about the TV Series, Human Planet  Parents Guide, and Age Rating for kids. 

Human Planet Age Rating

Human Planet Age Rating is TV-PG

TV-PG -This program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. Parental guidance is recommended.

Human Planet Parents Guide

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Male buttocks and genitalia are shown, female upper body parts are also shown which is nonsexual.
Whales, fish, and sharks being killed with harpoons and other methods are shown throughout the series.
Some of the subject matter of Human Planet contains surprisingly graphic nudity,
Some stories about human existence.
Some of the subject matter of Human Planet contains surprisingly graphic nudity.


Human Planet Release Date

Human Planet premiered on 26 April 2011 (United States).

Official Poster and Details

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Human Planet Parents Guide | Human Planet Age Rating 2011
Human Planet Parents Guide | Human Planet Age Rating 2011

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Series Name Human Planet
Genre Documentary
Age Rating  TV-PG
Narrated by John Hurt
Seasons 1
Episodes 8
Distributed by  British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Television, FS Film , Polyband, Spektrum Televizio, WOWOW, Yleisradio (YLE)
Original website Amazon.Com

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Human Planet Plot story

Every scene looks at how life contrasts for men and nature in some kind of climate, from the Arctic to abandon and wilderness, from coasts to mountains.

People are the most clever individuals from the set of all animals, having spread across six landmasses and having the option to adjust to any climate.


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Ep. 1 Practically all human populaces in waterfront regions interface seriously with the ocean. The food gather is huge, changed, and got indifferent, at times cunning ways, incorporating participation with wild dolphins.

Risks and shortages deteriorate for natural reasons, environmental change bodes much more terrible. Amphibian games are additionally socially significant, now and again in any event, characterizing.

Ep. 2 Deserts cover 33% of the world’s territory mass, yet harbor just somewhere in the range of 300,000 occupants, large numbers of which are (semi-)itinerant trackers/herders, making route and adjusted creatures, like camels, indispensable.

The solitary 7,000 years of age Sahara, the planet’s vastest sand container, checks numerous clans. The stony Gobi appreciates softening snow, wind-moved in right from Siberia, yet in addition, checks meandering wolves. In the most bone-dry Araucana, catching the uncommon precipitation is incredibly refined workmanship.

Ep. 3 In the huge frigid misuse of the Arctic very little develops. It’s dull for quite a long time in the colder time of year and the frosty temperatures make it especially unfriendly. However, 4,000,000 individuals live there on account of cunning endurance strategies that went down through ages.

In Greenland, where food is rare and canines are an urgent method for transport, Amos and his child Karl-Frederik set out on a momentous excursion across the frozen ocean. They then, at that point fish for the goliath Greenland shark by penetrating an opening through the ice. This is food that will keep their valuable canines going.

Ep. 4 Albeit a shopping centerpiece of earth’s landmass, tropical jungles contain a large portion of the creature species, fundamentally on elevations out of human reach, losing 100 per day, frequently unseen, box quick wood-cut, clearing for agribusiness etcetera.

The uncommon enduring local ancestral wilderness societies make a huge effort to stay in biological amicability with natural life and adapt to risks and other challenges, for example, height, while essentially eating what they can get, from nectar to tarantulas.

Ep. 5 Life in the mountains requests elaborate transformations, for regardless of the supernatural variety individuals regularly have barely any choice of meat supply, in spite of intricate chasing techniques like nets in clearings to draw monster bats.

In created areas, present-day innovation helps control torrential slides. Relative disengagement includes some significant downfalls, with respect to medical services, and prompts peculiar customs, for example, Buddhist ‘air entombment’ which really implies depending on vultures to discard cadavers before they spread infections.

Ep. 6 Fields cover huge fields, like savanna, grasslands, and pampas. The many, practically indestructible grass species, for different sorts of soil and different conditions, feed immense crowds, whose relocations are trailed by numerous hunters and (semi-)migrant people groups, like the Mongol expert horsemen.

Some actually work on chasing gathering, like the Khoisan, or customary ‘normal’ crowd reproducing, others as in Australia use innovation to acquire maximal control. Taming cereals and consumable slow eaters was significant in mankind’s set of experiences, prompting tremendous food overflows and stationary.

Ep. 7 Man consistently was drawn in by waterways, much the same as oceans, for water, fishing, water system, transport. What’s more, he bargains from various perspectives with their risks, going from deluges, ice, and hazardous intersection to floods.

Most need to modern innovation, consequently are decreased to negligible control, rather adjusting to the tide then, at that point controlling it.

Ep. 8 Metropolitan conditions are man-made, so the human plan appears absolutely to surpass natural life territories. However creatures have large amounts of urban communities and rural areas, numerous as pets or working, yet others excluded by religion or even ready to seek after their normal existence with some extravagant adjusting, as numerous creatures do in nature.


Human Planet Wallpaper and Images

Human Planet Parents Guide | Human Planet Age Rating 2011
Human Planet Parents Guide | Human Planet Age Rating 2011

Official Trailer of Human Planet


Human Planet Runtime

TV Series Human Planet, with a total of 8 episodes from 1 season. Each episode takes 60 minutes.

The narrators of Human Planet Cast

Human Planet Age Rating and​ Human Planet Parents Guide

Know about Human Planet age rating and parental Guidance here. Human Planet age rating in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas is explained here.

TV series Human Planet, k-3 in Finland,12 in Germany, PG in Singapore, TV-PG in the United States

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