How Ana de Armas Became Marilyn Monroe in Blond
How Ana de Armas Became Marilyn Monroe in Blond

Ana de Armas’s transformation into Marylin Monroe for the film Blonde is an aspect of the film that has been discussed. The film is Directed by Andrew Dominik and the film is now streaming on Netflix, Blonde is based on a novel written by Joyce Carol Oates and takes viewers on Monroe’s personal life. As per the report from Variety, the meticulous transformation saw de Armas in the makeup chair for two-and-a-half hours.

In a recent interview with makeup department heads, Tina Roesler Kerwin and Jaime Leigh McIntosh give an intimate insight into how exactly de Armas transformed into the celebrated icon, during a photo shoot for the stills de Armas wore exact replicas of Monroe’s outfits and posed to recreate the real vintage photographs taken of the Hollywood starlet.

For the transformation, the first challenge was the hair. The makeup team decided on a silicone cap because silicone lasts longer than a bald cap and the cap could be worn for the whole day.

De Armas‘ natural hair was tucked underneath the silicone cap, and she was carefully fitted with a wig that was a replica of Monroe’s iconic cut.

“Once we knew what the day and schedule was going to look like, we knew a bald cap would not survive,” said Kerwin. The wig had to be modified throughout the day, depending on the style of the photo or the look that the team was trying to achieve.

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