The seventh episode of the HBO series House of the Dragon may title Dragons from Dark Dungeons because a lot of viewers are complaining. This might also serve as a deja vu for Game of Thrones fans.

Most of the scenes from the episode were too dark to see! Game of Thrones ignited the same backlash during its final season, especially for the dimly lit battle episode The Long Night. The two episodes, episode seven of House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones were directed by the same person, Emmy winner Miguel Sapochnik.

The fans expressed their frustration on Twitter by saying that the scenes from the episode were too dark to see! One of the HBO social media accounts defended the dark moments in the episode by describing them as an intentional creative decision.

HBO appreciated that fans were reaching out to them about the night scene in episode 7 of the ‘House of the Dragon’ in reply to a fan asking for a written apology for a whole episode of black screen. HBO replied that it was a creative decision fan claiming that the episode was unwatchable.

The director Miguel Sapochnik is not new to such criticism because he also faced outrage Game of Thrones episode of ‘The Long Night’. He defended his choice of dim lighting.

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