Hotel del Luna Parents Guide | Hotel del Luna Age Rating 2021
Hotel del Luna Parents Guide | Hotel del Luna Age Rating 2021

Hotel del Luna Parents Guide

The Netflix TV Series Hotel del Luna,  A 2019 South Korean television series. The series is created by Studio Dragon. Directed by Oh Choong-hwan.

In fact, the TV Series, Hotel del Luna is a Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, and Romance genre TV Series. Produced by Kim Kyu-Tae.

The series, Production company: GT: st, Studio Dragon, Moreover, the TV Series is Distributed by Netflix and tvN.

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Hotel del Luna Age Rating

16+ Age Rating Meaning
Recommended for ages 16 and up

 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 15.

The Netflix TV Series Hotel del Luna Age Rating is 16+ for threat, violence given by Netflix itself

Hotel del Luna Parents Guide

Totally a comedy series, No Brutal violence is present in the series.
Some horror scenes but they are just in a comic way.
Hotel running by death sprite which is very funny.
Some serious and emotional scenes.
No sexual activity was shown only a kissing scene was present but it was just for short time.

Hotel del Luna Netflix Release Date

Hotel del Luna is scheduled to be released on 2 September 2021 on Netflix.

Official Poster and Details

Hotel del Luna Parents Guide | Hotel del Luna Age Rating 2021
Hotel del Luna Parents Guide | Hotel del Luna Age Rating 2021
Series NameHotel del Luna
GenreDrama, Horror, Mystery, Romance
Age Rating 16+ (Given by Netflix)
Original Release date 13 July 2019– 1 September 2019
Distributed by Netflix  tvN
Official websiteNetflixOfficial
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Hotel del Luna Plot story

Lodging del Luna” (recently known as Guest House of the Moon) isn’t caring for some other inn. It is a powerful spot, the inn isn’t apparent in its actual structure during the daytime as people can just go over the lodging under uncommon conditions.

Its staff and customers are altogether spirits/apparitions grappling with incomplete business in their previous lives before they give to existence in the wake of death and pattern of reincarnation; the staff, specifically, have been there for quite a long time and even hundreds of years as they have not settled their feelings of spite.

The special case for this is the lodging senior supervisor, which has been filled by a progression of human “bystanders” since they need to associate regularly with this present reality in occurrences like covering bills or satisfying apparitions’ solicitations with as-yet-living family members/companions.

A portion of the more impressive or dependable phantoms can make themselves present, yet they need to keep the rules of the divinities Mago and Grim Reaper; for example, killing an individual will typically bring about the spirit being annihilated without going on to the afterlife. Ghosts can see different apparitions and people, in any case, just a limited handful of people, for example, the Guest House of the Moon director can see ghosts.

Jang Man-wol (Lee Ji-Eun) is the proprietor of this lodging, which is situated in Myeong-dong, Seoul. Because of a colossal sin submitted a thousand years prior, the inn taking into account the dead has been bound to her spirit. Because of the control of the god Mago (Yi-suk Seo), she meets Gu Chan-sung’s dad and arranges for his child to work for her following 20 years as a trade-off for his life and cash.

With his freshly discovered fortune and life, his dad takes Gu Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) abroad where the young fellow grows up as a true stickler who is practical yet in addition has a delicate heart. He returns to South Korea after his dad’s demise to be an associate administrator at a worldwide lodging company, just to confront Jang Man-wol, after which he winds up satisfying the arrangement and turns into the supervisor of Hotel del Luna.

Ep. 1Jang Man Wol consents to save a man’s life, on the off chance that he vows to give her his child. Goo Chan Seong gets an unwanted birthday present.

Ep. 2 While heading to a new position, Goo Chan Seong stops by Hotel Del Luna to take care of his dad’s obligation and asks Man Wol to reclaim her gift.

Ep.3 Man Wol gives Chan Seong a directed visit through her lodging. On his first day as administrator, Chan Seong runs over for his understudy’s help.

Ep. 4 The old tree wakes up, disturbing Man Wol and her staff. Chan Seong allows an apparition to acquire his body to discover somebody she adores.

Ep. 5 Man Wol saves Chan Seong, who then, at that point needs to know why she did as such. The lodging gets ready for a wedding when the soul of a lady needing a lucky man shows up.

Ep. 6 Man Wol is compelled to investigate her accounts, Ji Hyun Joong visits Kim Yoo Na at school, and the lodging makes its way for a phony lord.

Ep. 7Yoo Na has a dreadful spat with one of Ma Go Shin’s countenances. Chan Seong and Man Wol track down the phantom who got away from Room 13.

Ep. 8 Man Wol is shaken by the presence of Chan Seong’s ex, who raises her most difficult recollections…

Ep. 9 Mama Go Shin hands something surprising to Chan Seong, who’s been deserted by Man Wol and the inn. Yoo Na and Hyun Joong detect a phantom out of luck.

Ep. 10 While Chan Seong attempts to land his position back, Man Wol develops irritated when she learns he’s being set up with a chaebol visitor’s granddaughter…

Ep. 11 With a lunar obscuration drawing nearer, Man Wol satisfies a surge of unique solicitations, including one from a previous inn administrator.

Ep.12 Chan Seong defies the executioner. Yoo Na visits her own remembrance with Hyun Joong. Mama Go Shin and the Grim Reaper notice an oddity in Man Wol’s tree.

Ep. 13 Choi Seo Hee plans to continue the following life. The executioner’s apparition threatens Chan Seong’s companions. Man Wol observes a surprising relationship.

Ep. 14 Man Wol wonders if Chan Seong is really Go Chung Myung, and if he is, what choice she must make. The hotel’s lights go out.

Ep. 15 As the lodging and its staff sit tight for Man Wol, Ma Go Shin sends Chan Seong through an ideal opportunity to gather a fixing to mix an incredible beverage.

Ep. 16 Individually, the lodging’s staff leave. In the wake of acknowledging they met in a previous existence, Man Wol and Chan Seong wipe the slate clean by bidding farewell.

Hotel del Luna Wallpaper and Images

Hotel del Luna Parents Guide | Hotel del Luna Age Rating 2021
Hotel del Luna Parents Guide | Hotel del Luna Age Rating 2021

Hotel del Luna Runtime

TV Series Hotel del Luna, with a total of 16 episodes from 1 season. Each episode takes 73–94 minutes.

Hotel del Luna voice-Cast

The TV Series casting includes  Ji-Eun Lee, Yeo Jin-gu, Shin Jeong-Geun, Bae Hae-Sun, Ji-Hoon Pyo, Seo Yi-Sook, Lee Do-Hyun, Hyun-Chul Cho,  Mi-na Kang, Hyeok-Soo Kwon, Nam Da-reum, and others.

In this Series, Ji-Eun Lee as  Jang Man Wol, Yeo Jin-gu as Goo Chan Seong, Shin Jeong-Geun as  Kim Seon Bi, Bae Hae-Sun as Choi Seo Hee, Ji-Hoon Pyo as Ji Hyun Joong, Seo Yi-Sook as  Ma Go Shin, Lee Do-Hyun as Go Chung Myung, Hyun-Chul Cho as Sanchez, Mi-na Kang as  Kim Yoo Na, Hyeok-soo Kwon as Doctor, Nam Da-reum as Spirit of the Well, Kang-Hoon Kim as Goo Chan Sung, Ji-Ho Oh as Goo Hyun Mo.

Hotel del Luna Age Rating and​ Hotel del Luna Parents Guide

Know about Hotel del Luna’s age rating and parental Guidance here. Hotel del Luna’s age rating in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas is explained here.

TV series Hotel del Luna 14 in Brazil, PG13 in Singapore, and 15 in South Korea.

Who is the director of Hotel del Luna?

Choong Hwan Oh is the director of Hotel del Luna.

Who is playing the role of Jang Mal?

Ji-Eun Lee is playing the role of Jang Mal.

What is the age rating of Hotel del Luna?

Hotel del Luna is rated 14 in Brazil, PG13 in Singapore, and 15 in South Korea.

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