Homestead Parents Guide (1)
Homestead Parents Guide (1) Credit: Angel studios

Homestead Parents Guide: Homestead is an Action film directed by Ben Smallbone and written by Phillip Abraham, Leah Bateman, and Jason Ross, starring Neal McDonough, Dawn Olivieri, and Currie Graham in the lead roles.

The film is produced by Ben Kasica, Ben Smallbone, and Andrea Royer and executive produced by Benton Crane, Neal McDonough, Ruve McDonough, Matthew Peterson, Jason Ross, and Sam Sheridan, co-produced by Catie Bellinger and Caitlyn Kasica.

If your kid likes watching Homestead, then you should read our article as we have written information about Homestead, which will help you to make better decisions for your kid.

Released date 2024
Country United States
Distributor Angel Studios
Homestead Parents Guide
Homestead Parents Guide
Homestead Parents Guide

Homestead Age Ratings

Homestead is not rated yet. We will update you about it. Age Ratings are given according to the contents shown in the film as the kids’ maturity levels are different, and they take every content in different ways.

You should always follow the age Ratings as these will inform you which age group Homestead is suitable for watching.

Homestead Parents Guide

Homestead Parents Guide will guide you through the contents shown in which way so that you can appropriately guide your kid. You need to know about the reviews of Homestead before you allow your kid to watch the film.


It includes violence in it, as there was Neal McDonough, who was shown shooting others while fighting in the film. And also, some military officers were shown fighting with others.


It includes sexual content, as there was one man who was kissing one woman on her cheeks in the film, showing his affection towards her.

Parents Consideration

You need to consider that the film is focused on the action, including violence, which can have bad impacts on the kids while watching it. Kids are too young to understand those things, and for this, you are there for them to make decisions for them.

Other Details

Below we have given information about Homestead.

What is the storyline?

It tells the story of a rich man struggling due to ex-military compulsions named Green Beret Jeff Eriksson, who is taking the job of security for the world, which will be enjoyed by the viewers while watching.

During a rapid collapse of society, a rich man’s mountain compound struggles between the military compulsions of its veteran operators and the rural values of its member families.

When is the release?

Homestead will be premiered in 2024 on Angel Studios; you can watch it and enjoy it afterward.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Neal McDonough as Ian Ross, Currie Graham as Blake Masterson, Bailey Chase as Jeff Eriksson, Jesse Hutch as Evan Lee, Kearran Giovanni as Tara Eriksson, Caden Dragomer as Theo McNulty, and Lincoln Hoppe as Doc Hodges.

Along with Alireza Mirmontazeri as Guard, Tyler Lofton as Abe Eriksson, Dawn Olivieri as Jenna Ross, Susan Misner as Evie McNulty, Kevin Lawson as Tick, Olivia Sanabia as Claire Ross, and Grace Powell as Molly McNulty,

You will also see Jarret LeMaster as Rick Baumgartner, Manny McCord as Bing, Colby Strong as Christian, and Ariel Llinas as Lieutenant Javi Espada.


HOMESTEAD Official Trailer (2024)
Homestead Parents Guide


Homestead Parents Guide: Homestead is not officially rated and the other information of the film has been given above in hte articles.

Keep reading our articles and share your experiences in the comment box so that we can know hoe much our article is helpful for you.

Homestead Parents Guide 1

Director: Ben Smallbone

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