'Holy Spider' The True Crime Story Trailer Breakdown
'Holy Spider' The True Crime Story Trailer Breakdown

Holy Spider is a Persian-language crime thriller film directed by Ali Abbasi. The film was written by, Ali Abbasi, and Afshin Kamran Bahrami and Produced by, Sol Bondy, Jacob Jarek, and Ali Abbasi. It was Distributed by, Alamode Film, TriArt Film, and Metropolitan Filmexport. The film is right now being released in only 2 places Cannes and France.

‘Holy Spider’ The True Crime Story Trailer Breakdown

The film ‘Holy Spider’ is based on the true story of Saeed Hanaei, who was a serial killer who targeted sex workers and killed 16 women between 2000 to 2001 in Mashhad, Iran, at the film we saw a fictional female journalist who investigates a serial killer.

The true story of this film follows a serial killer who murdered 16 women above-mentioned to his capture in 2001, Name of the serial killer is Saeed Hanaei, and the film described the hypnotic and compelling story behind one of Iran’s Very blatant murderers and it works to the found exploration of a society where in rough justice can become a hard way of life.

During the premiere of this film at the Cannes Film Festival, this year Holy Spider gets praise for its daring and unwavering approach. However, it will likely find an audience who find themselves compelled by such vile, creative personalities.

Through this film, it was seen that people are not able to help to go about the troublesome people and Hanaei wickedness is not a crime the first trailer explained how a journalist puts himself at risk to seek justice and find out the truth and here is explain how what they have to do.

Zar Amir Ebrahimi leads the compelling true crime story

Zar Amir Ebrahimi is the main Cast of this film and leads the compelling true crime story who plays the role of Rahimi. Other Cast members of this film are here like Mehdi Bajestani as Saeed, Arash Ashtiani as Sharifi, Forouzan Jamshidnejad as Fatima, Alice Rahimi as Somayeh, Sina Parvaneh as Rostami, Sara Fazilat as Zinab, Firouz Agheli as Haji, Nima Akbarpour as Judge, and Mesbah Taleb as Ali.

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