Holiday Twist Parents Guide (1)
Holiday Twist Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDB

Holiday Twist Information And Wiki

Holiday Twist Parents Guide: Holiday Twist is an upcoming Comedy, Family, and Romance directed and penned by Stephanie Garvin. It casts Neal Mc, Donough, Sean Astin, and Caylee Cowan in the lead roles.

You must read our article to get better information and also you should be known about the film or any other series which your kid is going to watch as it is also very much important to decide whether it is okay for your kid or not.

TitleHoliday Twist
GenreComedy, Family, and Romance
DirectorStephanie Garvin
Release dateDecember 1, 2023,
CountryUnited States
DistributorETM Distribution
Holiday Twist Parents Guide
Holiday Twist Parents Guide
Holiday Twist Parents Guide Credit: IMDb

Holiday Twist Age Ratings

Holiday Twist is Rated PG for the Thematic content and language.

PG ratings are given to those Film which includes some language content that Parents may think inappropriate for the kids.

Motion picture ratings are there for your convenience which would help you to make decisions for your kids for any film or series that should be watched or not by your kids.

You should always read about the age ratings of any film or series that your kids are going to watch, and after reading the age ratings you must follow them.

Holiday Twist Parents Guide

Guidance is utmost for you so that you can make proper decisions for your kids and for that, you need to be informed about the contents which have been shown in the film.

Our Holiday Twist Parents Guide will give you information about the contents that have been used in the film so that you can make a proper decision.


In Holiday Twist you would see that some characters have used some strong language. People are using harsh words to each other while talking. Two people were shown speaking curse words to each other.

Parents Consideration

Consideration is a must for every one of you because through this you would be able to know about what measure you have to take care of while your kids watch Holiday Twist.

In Holiday Twist, characters use some language that would have a bad impact on kids. You need to take care as kids when watching these types of harsh language they would definitely have a negative impact on them.

Other Details

Below we have given information regarding Holiday Twist in the article.

When is the release date?

Holiday Twist is going to be released on December 1, 2023, on ETM Distribution.

Who is in the cast?

The cast members included are Neal McDonough is performing as Skip, Caylee Cowan will be performing as Christina Christmas, Emily Tosta will play the character of Brooke, and Sadie Stratton will perform as Jennifer Neilson.

Along with Abby Lee Miller as Choreographer, Montana Tucker as Cheryl, Bradley Evans as Doctor Andrew, Kelly Mi Li as Amanda, Jeff Rector as Vance Jordan,

Adam Khattar as Ezra, Stephanie Garvin as Melanie, Hugh Sheridan as George, Selah Victor as Pregnant Spa Client, Haley Reinhart as Anna, and James Maslow as Sam.

What is the storyline?

This is the story of a female executive and Grinchy whose world crashes because of unforeseen conditions despite her self-perceived importance.


Holiday Twist (Official Trailer)
Holiday Twist Parents Guide


Holiday Twist Parents Guide: Holiday Twist is PG for language and thematic content and for more information go through the above written article.

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