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Series Heist Rated 18+ given by Netflix itself.

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What is Heist Age Rating | Heist Parents Guide

Heist, An Documentary television series. Directed by Nick Frew, Derek Doneen, Martin Desmond Roe. producers by Lindsey Savino, Maria Bukhonina, Sarah Anthony, Jacob Mosler.

Production companies are Dirty Robber, Netflix Studios, Moreover, the series was distributed by  Netflix.

Read about Heist Parents Guide. However, Heist age rating is TV-MA and on Netflix Heist rated 18+ for violence, language, sex, nudity, substances.

TV-MA Age Rating Meaning
Recommended for ages 18 and up

Some material classified 18+ may be offensive to sections of the adult community.

Heist Parents Guide

Why is Heist series 2021 Rated TV-MA

Money heist from the bank which is the real story of thieves.
Brief nudity is shown throughout the series full nude female breast and buttock are clearly visible and male buttocks are also visible.
Sexual reference is also here clear sex scenes, no genital organs are shown, moaning, and some kind of sex magic.
Alcohol drinking and the use of other drugs are normal in this series. People are talking about taking cocaine, weed, heroin, and other drugs.
The strong language uses through series of words such as f**k, bu**shit, shit, Fu**king, and others.
Drug use is shown in the series in very have amount.
Some emotional scene when Heather is worried about her baby’s future and she became an escort. It feels so bad for her and for the child.
Heist Release date

The series, Heist release on 14 July 2021 on Netflix.

Official Poster and Details

Why is Heist series 2021 Rated TV-MA?

Heist Parents Guide | Heist Netflix series Age Rating 2021
Heist Parents Guide | Heist Netflix series Age Rating 2021
Series Name Heist
Genre Documentary, Crime, Mystery
Age Rating  TV-MA
Season  1
Episode 6
Director Nick Frew, Derek Doneen, Martin Desmond Roe
Distributor   Netflix
Official website NetflixOfficial

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