Halloween Movies For School
Halloween Movies For School

Halloween Movies For School: Halloween is here and everyone is celebrating the whole month and is haunted by the ghost of Halloween, but if you are thinking about what to do on Halloween for kids, don’t worry there are several things that you can choose for kids to enjoy the occasion.

You can show Halloween Movies to kids in school. In addition to some scary movies, Halloween is a time for tricks, treats, and goodies. There are many Halloween movies that are great for middle school pupils, depending on how easily scared the kid is.

Halloween Movies For School

If you wish to show movies to kids in school during Halloween, we have brought you a list of Halloween Movies For School, from which you can choose which movie is suitable for which age group.

First, we will talk about the movies for the Elementary School as their are some other age groups in school.

Elementary School

Movie nameDuration Age Rating Release year
Casper1h 40mPG1995
Hocus Pocus1h 36mPG1993
Hotel Transylvania1h 31mPG2012
Monsters University1h 44mG2013
Room on the Broom25m2012
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown25mTV-G1966
Halloween Movies For School

These are the movies that Elementary school kids can watch, these are the movies that are deemed suitable for kids. This means that the content of the program has been evaluated by the rating board and deemed to be free of any themes, language, nudity, sex, violence, or other matters that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive for young viewers.

Middle School

Movie nameDurationAge RatingRelease year
The Nightmare Before Christmas1h 16mPG1993
Coraline1h 40mPG2009
The Little Vampire1h 35mPG2000
Harry Potter 2h 32mPG-132001
The Addams Family1h 26mPG2019
Halloween Movies For School

Middle School children are those who study in 6th to 8th class, so these children can watch the above-mentioned movies. These programs are designed for parental guidance. They may contain content that is not suitable for all audiences, such as suggestive dialogue, coarse language, sexual content, or moderate violence.

High School

Movie nameDurationAge RatingRelease year
Beetlejuice1h 32mPG1988
Edward Scissorhands1h 45mPG-131990
Ghostbusters1h 45mPG1984
The Sixth Sense1h 47mPG1999
Stranger Things51mTV-142016
Halloween Movies For School

Children studying in high school are those who are in grades 9-12 and their age group is between 14 to 18. The movies which are written above can be watched by kids aged between 14 to 18.

These are the movies that are not considered suitable for children under the age of thirteen, but parents can decide whether or not to allow their children to see the movies.

By using an age rating, parents and caretakers can determine which content is appropriate for their child’s age, maturity level, and personal values.

So this was our list for Halloween Movies For School hope you find it helpful and definitely kids will have lots of fun while watching these Movies.

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