_Halloween Ends Kyle Richards’ Return To The Halloween Franchise
_Halloween Ends Kyle Richards’ Return To The Halloween Franchise

Kyle Richards return to the Halloween franchise was highly anticipated, but a  move on the part of the production. The Bravo star has been on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since its debut season in 2010, In 1978 John Carpenter helmed the flick, but he didn’t return to the franchise till David Gordon Green’s 2018 Halloween.

Now that we’re a little over one week away from the final show between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers on Halloween end Richards shared on Instagram with fans that what stepping back into the role of Lindsay Wallace has meant to her.

As the crew worked hard on the set when Richard was not available, the actress talks about how much of an “appreciation” she has given the chance to return to her character 40 years later.

Referring to her work on the first film, during which she was eight years old, she said “When you are a child you don’t appreciate it as much,” adding that coming back to the set “has been such an incredible experience.” She goes on to praise and his crew for putting in such a terrific amount of time and effort on the trilogy to “make the best movie they can make.”

Further speaking about the joy she felt on set, she adds that being around the group’s “comradery” was “inspiring” and “made me feel good.”

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