Grimsburg Parents Guide (1)
Grimsburg Parents Guide (1) Credit: FoxAdSolution

Grimsburg Parents Guide: Grimsburg is an Animated Comedy TV series Created by Catlan McClelland and Matthew Schlissel, which stars Christina Hendricks, Jon Hamm, and Erinn Hayes in the lead roles.

In this article, you will get information about the Grimsburg Parents Guide, Age ratings, and other details about the Grimsburg.

This is the story of Marvin Flute, who is the greatest detective for animal cannibals, but he is not able to find his family.

Title Grimsburg Parents Guide
Genre Animation, Comedy
Creator Catlan McClelland and Matthew Schlissel
Released dateJanuary 7, 2024
Country United States
Language English
Distributor Twentieth Century Fox
Grimsburg Parents Guide
Grimsburg Parents Guide
Grimsburg Parents Guide Credit: IMDb

Grimsburg Age Ratings

Grimsburg is TV-14 for the violence shown in it.

TV-14 ratings are given to those films that include sexual, violent, and language, which are unsuitable for kids under 14, and they should not watch them without their Parent’s permission.

Age ratings are given according to the contents shown in the series and series as the maturity levels of kids are not the same, and different kids take every content differently.

Age ratings are made for you so you can know which series or series is suitable for which age group.

Grimsburg Parents Guide

Grimsburg Parents Guide will guide you about the contents of the series so you can make a proper decision for your kids.


It includes some characters shown fighting with each other. Two people were shown shooting at somebody, and there was a girl shown with a knife.

In this, a person is shown forcibly pressing the face of someone else, and also, there is a girl who is shown pointing a knife at somebody.

Parents Consideration

You need to take care of so many things when you allow your kid to watch Grimsburg, as this includes violence, which is unsuitable for the kids to watch, and if they watch, it can have a bad impact on them.

You need to focus on these things as these are very important and when it comes to your kid, it becomes a must and should not be ignored.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about Grimsburg.

What is the storyline?

It features the story of Marvin Flute, a detective who cannot solve his family problem, which he would not leave loving his ex-wife.

When is the release?

Ginsburg will be released on January 7, 2024, on Twentieth Century Fox.

Who is in the voice cast?

Erinn Hayes will be voicing Harmony Flute; Alan Tudyk will voice Dr. Rufis Pento; Alan Tudyk will voice Dr. Rufis Pentos. Jon Hamm, who is voicing Marvin Flute, Kevin Michael Richardson will voice Detective Greg Summers, and Greg Chun will voice Lieutenant John Kang.


Grimsburg FOX Trailer | ft. Jon Hamm
Grimsburg Parents Guide


Grimsburg Parents Guide: Grimsburg is not rated yet; we will update soon, and the other information regarding Grimsburg has been provided above.

You should always go for the Parents Guide as it has been made for you so that you can make a better decision for your kids.

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