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What is Gotham Age Rating | Gotham Parents Guide

Gotham, an American crime drama television series, developed by Bruno Heller. Based on Characters by DC Comics.

Produced by Scott White, Rebecca Perry Cutter. Production company: Primrose Hill Productions, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television.

However, the series Gotham is distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution and Netflix.

Read about Gotham Parents Guide. However, Gotham is rated TV-14 also is rated 18+ on Netflix for Violence, Brief Bloody Images, Some Sensuality, and Language.

TV-14This program may be unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.
Programs rated TV-14 contain material that parents or adult guardians may find unsuitable for children under the age of 14.

Gotham Parents Guide

Why is Gotham series Rated TV-14 ?

Sexual content and nudity. Brief sexuality and some sexual dialogue, references to prostitutes, sexual assault, implied sex scenes.
No brief nudity is shown, girls with cleavage-revealing dresses no other dresses.
A lot of violence and blood content throughout the series.
Falcone’s daughter gets shot in the head with blood coming out.
In one scene a character’s face is removed, stapled back on, and punched off, revealing blood and muscle beneath.
Gun wounds and stab wounds are visible and bloody.
There is a scene where Galavan is brutally beaten with a wooden bat seen bloody, he’s then shot and killed and although the bullet impact isn’t seen there’s blood flowing down his chest.
In one scene, Solomon Grundy rips a man’s arm off.
A guy chops off a woman’s head with a blood squirt then her hand is completely shot off with blood and bits of the arm shown this is extremely graphic.
People are burnt and froze to death. Penguin gets his eye blown up pretty bloody.
Layer Harley Quinn is shot in the face and blood is shown all over her face.
Bruce Wayne’s parents are shot with blood spatter and they’re shown bleeding out.
Penguin slashes a Fisherman’s throat, a man murder by stabbing him in the neck with a broken bottle.
A woman scoops her eye out with a spoon, and the eyeball is seen on the floor, and her eye socket a bloody mess.
In one episode a large group of men.
Use of profanity throughout these series, b**ch, a**hole, son of a bitch, shit, what the hell, ba*tard, etc.
Use of alcohol and smoking.

Official Poster and Details

Why is Gotham series Rated TV-14 ?

Gotham Parents Guide | Netflix Series Age Rating
Gotham Parents Guide | Netflix Series Age Rating
Series Name Gotham
Genre Action, Crime,Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Age Rating  TV-14 (18+ on Netflix)
Season  5
Episode 100
Running time  42–49 minutes
Created by Bruno Heller
Distributor  Warner Bros. Television Distribution and Netflix
Official website NetflixOfficial

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