Good Grief Parents Guide (1)
Good Grief Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

Good Grief Parents Guide (2024): Good Grief is a Comedy, Drama, and Romance film directed and written by Dan Levy and cast by Dan Levy, Ruth Negga, and Himesh Patel.

In this article, you will get information about the Good Grief Parents Guide and Age ratings so that you can make a better decision for your kid.

Good Grief is the story of a man who loses his husband and mother, with whom he shares a great bond.

Title Good Grief
GenreComedy, Drama, and Romance
DirectorDan Levy
Released date January 5, 2024
Country United States
Language English
Good Grief Parents Guide (2024)
Good Grief Parents Guide
Good Grief Parents Guide (2024) Credit: You Tube

Good Grief Age ratings

Good Grief is rated R for the language, sexual, and consumption of Alcohol in it.

R ratings are given to those film that includes sexual violence, nudity, and consumption of Alcohol, which is not good for kids under 18.

You should always follow the age ratings as age ratings have been given, and they are all given according to the content shown in the film.

The maturity level of kids is different for different kids. For this age, ratings have been made for your convenience.

Good Grief Parents Guide (2024)

Good Grief Parents Guide will give you knowledge about the contents being used in Good Grief in which way, and then you will be able to guide your kid better.

You should always go for reviews before allowing your kid to watch any film, as all the films contain different types of content, so you should always go for the Parents Guide.


It includes some sexual content as it has been shown that there are two characters who are shown kissing each other many times.

Consumption of Alcohol

It also includes the consumption of Alcohol as it includes some characters who are in the pub dancing together, holding glasses in their hand, which is full of Alcohol.


It also includes language in it, as it shows that there were some characters who were shown using harsh language while speaking with others.

Parents Consideration

Precaution is a must before you allow your kid to watch any film, as these are the small measure that plays very important roles.

You need to take care of many things, including sex, consumption of Alcohol, and Language, which is not good for the kids, and if kids watch, then they may get a bad impact from it.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about the Good Grief in the article.

What is the storyline?

Good Grief features the story of a man who shares a good relationship with his husband and mother, and then he loses them, and then he goes on a Paris trip with his best friends.

Who is in the cast?

Dan Levy will be performing as Marc, Himesh Patel will perform as Thomas, Celia Imrie will play Imelda, David Bradley will perform as Duncan, and Emma Corrin will be performing as Young Performance Artist.

Along with Kaitlyn Dever as Lily Kayne, Nigel Lilley as Peter Finley, Zoé Bruneau as Co-Worker, Andrea Romano as Sweet Couple 1, Gabriel Marc as Manu, Cyrielle Debreuil as Esme, Yoli Fuller as Sebastian, and Jamael Westman as Terrance.

When is it released?

Good Grief will be premiered on January 5, 2024 on Netflix.


Good Grief | Official Trailer | Netflix
Good Grief Parents Guide (2024)


Good Grief Parents Guide: Good Grief is not rated R for the sexual consumption of Alcohol or language in it, which is not good for the kids.

After reading the article, you must be able to answer to which age Good Grief is okay and for which age group it is not okay.

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