Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

Now You can watch the full series on Netflix. The first episode was released in 2000 and they have 7 Seasons. The series Gilmore Girls is a TV Dramas show.

Gilmore Girls Age Rating and Parents Guide

The TV Series Gilmore Girls is created by Paco Arango. In fact, it is a Comedy, Drama, genre Show. Also, the Movie director is the writer of the film. And the Production Companies are Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Hofflund/Polone, and Warner Bros. Television. Read more about the Netflix show, Gilmore Girls age Rating, and parental guides for kids.

Official poster and details

Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

Gilmore Girls Age Rating 2018 official poster- TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers
Gilmore Girls Age Rating 2018 official poster- TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers

Series Name Gilmore Girls
Genre Comedy, Drama
Age Rating TV-PG
Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino
Season 7
Episodes 154
Runtime 44 min
Official website

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The Television series, Gilmore Girls plots the story of comedy-drama happenings between a 30+-year-old single mother and her daughter. Notably, the mother was pregnant during the age of 16 and she had to leave her parents to grow her daughter. The struggle found in her life to grow her daughter is the primary factor in the series. Moreover, the series focuses on the ambition of both the girls, mother and daughter.

Gilmore Girls Parents Guide

  • Some sexual content- The main character has sex with her married ex-boyfriend.
  • Nudity, girls in bikinis can be seen, in one episode Rory’s nipples are shown through her bathing suit in multiple scenes.
  • There is no violence, however, mild injuries can be seen and very few fighting scenes.
  • Occasional use of profanity.
  • Use of alcohol and smoking.

Gilmore Girls TV Show Age Rating – Wallpapers and Images

Gilmore Girls Age Rating 2018 - TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers
Gilmore Girls Age Rating 2018 – TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers

Gilmore Girls cast

The film casting includes Lauren GrahamAlexis BledelMelissa McCarthy, Keiko AgenaYanic TruesdaleScott PattersonKelly Bishop, and others. In fact, Lauren Graham plays the role of Lorelai Gilmore, the mother. While, Alexis Bledel stars as Rory Gilmore, the daughter. And Keiko Agena features as Lane Kim. Furthermore, Scott Patterson comes as Luke Danes.

Gilmore Girls Age Rating and Gilmore Girls Parents Guide

Know Gilmore Girls Parents Guide. Why do Gilmore Girls receive this age rating? Read the complete information here about Gilmore Girls ratings in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas.

In fact, the age rating, fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America TV Series rating system),  BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), and Commons sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

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Gilmore Girls TV Show

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