Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guide (1)
Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guide (1)

Ghostrunner 2 Age Rating and Parents Guide

Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guide: Ghost Runner is an upcoming Platform, Fighting and Adventure game which is developed by One More Level.

Kids are always eager to know about new games that are going to be released and kids want all the games to be played by them.

This is the Parents’ duty to get notified about every game before their kids play them and also Parents should read our Ghost Runner 2 Parents Guide for better understanding and for more convenience.

Do not skip any points of Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guide and read them carefully for important information.

Ghostrunner 2 Released date

Ghostrunner 2 is going to be released on 26 October 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

TitleGhost Runner
GenreFighting, Action, and Adventure game
DevelopersOne More Level
Publishers505 Games
Released26 October 2023
PlatformsPlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows
Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guide
Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guide
Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guide Credit: Steam

Ghostrunner 2 Age Rating

Ghostrunner 2 is M-rated by ISRB because of the violence and exposure used in Ghostrunner 2.

Age Rating is something that is given according to the contents used in this game or movie which also helps us to determine what kind of movie or game is.

Age ratings are of different types such as some are 17+, under 7, under 14, and many more. Parents must be notified about the Ghostrunner 2 Age Rating as this will help you to know more about the Ghostrunner 2.

Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guide

Parents must read theGhostrunner 2 Parents Guide as this will help you whether Ghostrunner 2 is okay for your kid or not.

The maturity level of every kid is different and every kid takes every point in a very different way so this is their parent’s Duty to make sure that the game they are going to play is appropriate for their kids otherwise Ghostrunner could also lead to bad impacts on the kids.

This is the Parents’ duty because Kids are not mature for make their own decisions so they totally rely on you.

In Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guidewe have mentioned some important points about Ghostrunner 2 that would help you to make an appropriate decision.


Ghostrunner 2 is full of Violence involved in it. Most of the ninjas were fighting with each other with the help of powerful weapons.


So many blasts were shown and so many machinery parts were shown blasting with some animated creatures doing something that led to blasts happening again and again.

Parents consideration

Parents should also accompany their kids while doing anything whether it is watching a movie or playing a game. While doing this they will come to know what their kids have understood and what is going on in their minds.

You can follow the following steps written below-:

  • You can ask your kid about what they understood from the Ghostrunner 2
  • You can ask which level they liked the most and you should allow them to take regular breaks while playing Ghostrunner 2

System Requirements for Ghostrunner 2

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 (4 * 3300) or equivalent / AMD FX-8350 (4 * 4000) or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 960 (4096 MB) / Radeon RX 480 (8192 MB) or Intel Arc A380 (8192 MB)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 65 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Specs subject to change

Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i9-9900k (8 * 3600) / AMD Ryzen 5 5600X (6 * 3700 ) or equivalent
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce RTX 2070 Super (8192 MB) / Radeon RX 6800 XT (16384 MB) or Intel Arc A770 (16384 MB)
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 65 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Specs subject to change

Game Play is here

In Ghostrunner 2 you have to fight with the ninjas which are in the form of animations and you may use some powers also. There are levels also, you can go ahead with the help of the Bicycle while playing and then you have to defeat the enemies by avoiding obstacles. You have to plan your routes before confronting the enemies.

Official Trailer

Ghostrunner 2 - Demo Trailer | PS5 Games
Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guide


Ghostrunner 2 Parents Guide: Ghostrunner is M Rated by ISRB for violence and exposure and through the article written above you will get more information.


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