Frozen Planet II Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022-2023)
Frozen Planet II Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022-2023)

Frozen Planet II Parents Guide

BBC Studios Presents a New upcoming Docuseries that is full fill with from the aspects of the living conditions of animals living in cold regions. Alex Lanchester, Jane Atkins, Orla Doherty, James Reed, and Rachel Scott are the Directors of Frozen Planet II.

For Many Details about this Film read Frozen Planet II Parents Guide, Release Date, Cast, and Age Rating, and stay tuned with this article, we will keep updating it for you.

Frozen Planet II Release Date

This series giving knowledge about polar animals is going to release soon in the coming year 2023 for which the scheduled date is January 28, 2023.

NameFrozen Planet II
DirectorAlex Lanchester
Release DateJanuary 28, 2023
Run Time57m
CountryUnited Kingdom
Production CompanyBBC Studios
DistributorBBC Earth
Frozen Planet II Parents Guide

Frozen Planet II Overview

The series follows the arctic animals and their lives in the frozen regions, In the series, you will find many animals like polar bears, Siberian tigers, snow monkeys, and penguins as you will see the life of animals living in frozen regions.

Wallpaper and Images

Frozen Planet II Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022-2023)
Frozen Planet II Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022-2023)

Age Rating for Frozen Planet II

The Frozen Planet II series is not Rated in the USA But it is Rated PG in the United Kingdom.

Age rating tells us which age group of movies and series written by children are suitable for which age audience and for whom they are inappropriate. Through the age rating, it is easily known whether you can watch it at the age you are It is necessary as a way to show the way to the parents.

Frozen Planet II Parents Guide

The series has scenes of hunting other animals within the forest.
Children can be scared by the wild animals shown in the series.
Frozen Planet II Parents Guide

Cast and Characters of Frozen Planet II

  • David Attenborough as Narrator
  • Jamie McPherson as Cameraman
  • Helen Hobin as Camerawoman
  • Bertie Gregory as Cameraman
  • Hugh Miller as Underwater Cameraman
  • Mark Brownlow as Executive Producer
  • Jessica Meir as NASA Astronaut
  • Leigh Hickmottas Whale Biologist
  • Dawson Dunning as Cameraman
  • Alun Hubbard as Arctic University of Norway
  • Hamish Pritchard as British Antarctic Survey
  • Sridhar Anandakrishnan as Penn State
  • Sacha Thorpe as Director
  • Erin McFadden as Researcher
  • Dion Poncet as Captain, MY Golden Fleece
  • Sam Lewis as Cameraman
  • James Grecian as University of St Andrews
  • Aleqatsiaq Peary as Inuit Hunter

Watch Frozen Planet II Official Trailer

First Look: Frozen Planet II ft. Camila Cabello and Hans Zimmer | BBC Studios

About Frozen Planet II Trailer

You will see many animals living in cold areas and many scenes of icebergs here in this series, After all, how do animals like penguins, otters, etc. live in the bitter cold between the big snow mountains?

What Frozen Planet II Series is Rated?

The Frozen Planet II series is not Rated in the USA But it is Rated PG in the United Kingdom.

Who can Watch Frozen Planet II?

The age rating for watch Age of Frozen Planet II series is given in the above-written article.

Is Frozen Planet II appropriate for 10 years kids?

No, Frozen Planet II is not appropriate for 10 years kids because Here are some dangerous wild animal scenes included.

Rating board system provides age rating like MPAA (Motion Picture Association Of America) and BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) And helpful to tell you what is the right age group to watch a movie or series.

We are always providing you with complete details on age ratings for kids Which will help you to know whether the game is right for your children or not So read Frozen Planet II Parents Guide and the age Rating above.

Movies and series get different ratings in different countries like the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore, Canada, etc.

Frozen Planet II
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