Familia Parents Guide (1)
Familia Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

Familia Information and Wiki

Familia Parents Guide: Familia is an upcoming Drama movie which is directed by Izuru Narushima and penned by Kiyotaka Inagaki.

It casts Kôji Yakusho, Ryô Yoshizawa, and Lucas Sagae in the lead roles which features the story of people who wants to make a family and he wants to quit his job, and want to continue doing pottery work with his father.

DirectorIzuru Narushima
Released dateJanuary 6, 2023
DistributorKino Films
Familia Parents Guide
Familia Parents Guide
Familia Parents Guide Credit: MUBI

Familia Age Ratings

Familia is not rated yet but it is not suitable for kids under 18 for, Consumption of alcohol, and violence.

The age rating system lets you know that the content shown in the movie is suitable for which age groups and which age groups should not watch it.

You all should follow the age ratings as this is made for your benefit and if kids watch those movies that are under their age groups then it will bad impact on kids.

Familia Parents Guide

Guidance is very important for your kids as they are too young to make their own decisions so they depend on you to make decisions you should be well informed through the contents shown in the movie or series.

Consumption of Alcohol

You will find some characters consuming alcohol and they were having a party in the club which is not good for the kids.


You will the characters of this movie fighting with each other and also a man who was brutally injured was shown in the movie.

Parents Considerations

Precaution is necessary for all activities and it becomes more important when it is for kids because kids are innocent to judge anything.

In Familia, you would see violent content which will lead to an impact on your kids. And also you will see that in this movie most of the characters were shown consuming Alcohol and they were also shown fighting and a man brutally injured was shown.

Below we have given information about the Familia in the article.

When can you watch Familia?

Familia will be released on January 6, 2023, on Kino Films.

Who is in the cast?

This movie includes Kôji Yakusho performing the character of Seiji Kamiya, Ryô Yoshizawa performing as Satoru, Lucas Sagae representing Marcos, and Fadile Waked performing the character of Eri.

  • Akinori Andô
  • Ten Inami
  • Maraika Ari
  • Yûki Kan
  • Takeo Nakahara
  • Issei Okihara
  • Aran Shimada
  • Nao Takahashi
  • Gustavo Sumida

What is the storyline?

Familia is a story about Gaku and his father Seiji Kamiya who is a potter the movie turns in a new twist when Gaku who is an engineer says that he wants to quit his job and wants to work as a potter like his father.


Familia (2023) Japanese Movie Trailer English Subtitles (ファミリア 予告篇 英語字幕)


Familia Parents Guide: Familia is not rated yet, we will soon inform you about more information. Keep reading our articles and also enjoy while reading.

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