Enola Holmes 2 is a 2022 mystery film, This film is based on a series of YA novels first published in 2007, The movie is directed by Harry Bradbeer and written by Jack Thorne. The original class transformed into Mellie Barrie, a mighty reimagining of Sherlock Holmes as the eponymous moppet with a genius-level intellect.

That vibrant energy, however, is missing from the sequel, which retains many of the trappings of the first film, but is more concerned with laying the groundwork for the franchise than spinning a coherent mystery.

In this film, it is told that after the events of the first film. Enola starts her own detective agency but struggles to get clients, finding herself in the shadow of her brother, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

One day, a young girl named Bess comes to the detective agency to report her missing sister Sarah Chapman. Bess and Sarah worked at the same match factory, Lyons, where match-girls regularly fall ill and die of typhus

Enola Holmes 2 Soundtrack

Here, is the full list of Enola Holmes 2 Soundtrack

“Enola Holmes (Wild Child) Daniel Pemberton 3:00
“Gifts from Mother” Daniel Pemberton 1:09
“Mycroft & Sherlock Holmes” Daniel Pemberton 1:02
“Cracking the Crysanthemums Cypher” Daniel Pemberton 2:35
“The Game is Afoot” Daniel Pemberton 1:53
“Train Escape” Daniel Pemberton 3:36
“Nincompoop” Daniel Pemberton 1:39
“Marquis” Daniel Pemberton 1:23
“Fields of London” Daniel Pemberton 1:10
“London Arrival” Daniel Pemberton 2:31
“Dressing Up Box” Daniel Pemberton 1:18
“Messages for Mother” Daniel Pemberton 1:44
“The Limehouse Puzzle” Daniel Pemberton 2:15
“Limehouse Lane” Daniel Pemberton 2:41
“Fight Combat” Daniel Pemberton 3:22
“Edge of a Cliff” Daniel Pemberton 1:40
“Basilwether Hall” Daniel Pemberton 1:38
“Forest Clues” Daniel Pemberton 2:50
“Tewkesbury’s Trail” Daniel Pemberton 1:41
“Escaping Lestrade” Daniel Pemberton 1:55
“Making a Lady” Daniel Pemberton 3:16
“School Escape” Daniel Pemberton 2:55
“Tick Tock” Daniel Pemberton 3:49
“For England” Daniel Pemberton 3:34
“Ha!” Daniel Pemberton 1:18
“Enola & Tewkesbury Farewell” Daniel Pemberton 2:56
“An Old Friend” Daniel Pemberton 1:54
“Mother” Daniel Pemberton 2:02
“Enola Holmes (The Future Is Up To Us)” Daniel Pemberton 1:41

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Enola Holmes 2 will be released on Netflix worldwide on Friday, November 4 at the usual Netflix times of 12 am PT, 3 am ET, and 7 am UK time. If you want to see Enola on the big screen, the sequel was released in select UK cinemas on Friday, October 28.

The sequel started filming in October 2021 and in late November, Cavill revealed that he had completed his final day on set. By January 2022, Netflix confirmed that filming had finished on Enola Holmes 2.

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