Emily in Paris Season 3 Teaser Reveals the Release Date
Emily in Paris Season 3 Teaser Reveals the Release Date

During the second edition of the TUDUM event, Netflix unveiled a new trailer and the release date for Season 3 of Emily in Paris. Starring Lily Collins as the titular character, the popular series follows a young woman who gets a dream job in Europe and has to rebuild her life in Paris.

In the short teaser trailer of Emily in Paris Season 3, Emily reflects on the new challenges. She’ll face in Season 3, as she’s forced to choose between two romantic interests and two career paths.

Season 2 introduced Lucien Laviscount as Alfie. A British banker Emily meets in her French class and who was upgraded to a regular character for Emily in Paris season 3. This means the series will double down. The idea of a love triangle is a theme frequently explored by series creator Darren Star.

Emily will have to face, the new trailer which reveals that she’s getting a new look in the upcoming season. In a moment of confusion, Emily decides to get bangs.

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While she tries to convince herself the decision comes from her to adopt a French fashion trend, it is clear that she just cut her hair as a response to the stressful period of her life. So, we are sure that Emily in Paris will keep surprising us.

Season 3 of Emily in Paris will be coming to Netflix this December 21 on Netflix.

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