Dune Part Two Parents Guide (1)
Dune Part Two Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

Dune: Part Two Parents Guide: Dune: Part Two is a 2024 Action, Adventure, and Drama film directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Denis Villeneuve, Jon Spaihts, and Frank Herbert and it is second part of the 1965 novel Dune by Frank Herbert.

It is produced by Mary Parent and Tanya Lapointe and executive produced by Herbert W. Gains, Joshua Grode, John Harrison, Brian Herbert, Kim Herbert, Byron Merritt, Richard P. Rubinstein, Jon Spaihts, and Thomas Tull.

Title Dune: Part Two
Also known as Dune 2
Genre Action, Adventure, and Drama
Released date March 1, 2024
Country United States, Canada
Distributor Warner Bros.
Dune: Part Two Parents Guide
Dune Part Two Parents Guide
Dune Part Two Parents Guide

Dune: Part Two Age Ratings

Dune: Part Two is rated PG-13 for violence, sexual and language shown in the film.

PG-13 means Parents strongly cautioned as the film includes contents unsuitable for the kids under 13, which may include suggestive material not appropriate for pre-teen-ages.

Dune: Part Two Parents Guide

Our Dune: Part Two Parents Guide has been given below:-


It includes violence as characters are fighting with each other; so many warriors are in the battle and want to defeat each other.

A man killed the other man with a knife; warriors were using weapons while fighting, which was leading to a big blast.


It includes sexual content as one man and woman were shown kissing each other and showing their love to each other in the film when they both were on the ground.

Parents Consideration

You need to take care as the film includes violence and sexual content, which is not appropriate for the kids to watch.

As the film is about taking revenge from the enemy so it will lead to bad impacts on your kid, which you need to think about before you allow your kid to watch Dune: Part Two.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about Dune: Part Two.

What is the storyline?

It follows the story of Paul Atreides, who unites with Chani to take revenge on those who have destroyed his family, it includes Action and lots of Adventure, which will be enjoyed by the viewers.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan Corrino, Zendaya as Chani, Javier Bardem as Stilgar, Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, and Christopher Walken as Emperor Shaddam IV.

Along with Souheila Yacoub as Shishakli, Molly Mcowan as Harpie , Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides, Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica Atreides, Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck, and Léa Seydoux as Lady Margot.

You will see Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban Harkonnen, Charlotte Rampling as Reverend Mother Mohiam, Stephen McKinley Henderson as Thufir Hawat, Laura Mizere as Baron Servant, Billy Clements as Muscular Fighter.

When is the release?

Dune: Part Two will be releasing on March 1 , 2024, on Warner Bros. After it you can watch Dune: Part Two.


Dune: Part Two | Official IMAX® Trailer 2 | Filmed for IMAX
Dune: Part Two Parents Guide


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Dune: Part Two
Dune Part Two Parents Guide 1

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