Dumb Money Parents Guide
Dumb Money Parents Guide

Dumb Money Parents Guide

Dumb Money is an upcoming Biography, Comedy, and Drama film directed by Craig Gillespie and written by Lauren Schuker Blum, Rebecca Angelo, and Ben Mezrich.

The production work of this Series is done by the following production companies Black Bear Pictures, and Ryder Picture Company. Famous Distributor Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) distributes it.

Our aim is to tell you the best simple and accessible age rating and make you aware of the content present in the film through the parent guide.

Here’s a look at Dumb Money age ratings, Dumb Money Parents Guide, Release Date, Cast, Official Trailer, and more.

Dumb Money Parents Guide
Dumb Money Parents Guide
NameDumb Money
GenreBiography, Comedy, Drama
Release DateSeptember 22, 2023
CountryUnited States
DistributorSony Pictures Entertainment
Dumb Money Parents Guide

Dumb Money Age Rating

MPA: Dumb Money is R Rated for pervasive language, sexual material, and drug use

R Rated means Restricted. Films rated R are Restricted to be viewed by anyone below the age of 17 and are intended to be viewed by mature audiences. R rated movies are not suitable for children.

Age ratings are recommendations for parents and carers of kids to help them decide what is appropriate for their child depending on what stage of development they are at.

Dumb Money Parents Guide

Strong use of alcohol throughout the film
Use of Drugs
Some sexual reference
Persuasive language
Dumb Money Parents Guide

Official Synopsis of Dumb Money

The movie is about Dumb Money, the ultimate David vs. Goliath story of everyday people who reverse the script on Wall Street and get rich by turning Gamestop (yes, the mall videogame store) into the hottest company in the world.,

When and Where Can I Watch Dumb Money?

Dumb Money is expected to be released on September 22, 2023. You can watch Dumb Money on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Wallpaper and Images

Dumb Money Parents Guide
Dumb Money Parents Guide

Who is in the Cast of Dumb Money?

Here, is the list of Dumb Money Cast and Characters

  • Myha’la Herrold as Riri
  • Anthony Ramos as Marcus
  • Pete Davidson as Kevin Gill
  • Shailene Woodley as Caroline Gill
  • Seth Rogen as Gabe Plotkin
  • Clancy Brown
  • Vincent D’Onofrio as Steve Cohen
  • Sebastian Stan as Vlad Tenev
  • Paul Dano as Keith Gill
  • Dane DeHaan
  • Nick Offerman as Ken Griffin
  • America Ferrera as Jenny Campbell
  • Kate Burton
  • Rushi Kota as Baiju Bhatt
  • Talia Ryder as Harmony
  • Christina Brucato
  • Deniz Akdeniz
  • Larry Owens

Trailer: Is there any trailer available?

DUMB MONEY Trailer | TIFF 2023
Dumb Money Parents Guide

Trailer Breakdown

This trailer shows the panic on Wall Street after GameStop’s stock surged due to Reddit.

Dumb Money FAQ

Who is the director of Dumb Money?

Craig Gillespie is the director of Dumb Money

When will Dumb Money be released?

Dumb Money is expected to be released on September 22, 2023

Who is the distributor of Dumb Money?

Sony Pictures Entertainment is the distributor of Dumb Money

Movies and series get different ratings in different countries like the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore, Canada, etc.

Before watching a movie, parents must read the Parents Guide and further ratings so that they know whether the movie is correct or not for their children And they get to know about the good or bad content present in the film.

If it is suitable for the kids then they can watch it with them, And if not, then they can refuse to see them because if any material in it is not suitable for their children, then they can tell that.

Sites Like MPA (Motion Picture Association of America), and BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) Gives rating license for movies and supports you for a better future for your children, That’s why it should be the duty of every parent to open the doors of a better future for their children through age rating and parents guide.

Dumb Money
Dumb Money Wallpaper and Images

Director: Craig Gillespie

Date Created: 2023-09-22 16:24

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