Mickey Mouse is going down a grim path. Disney+ Korea just decreased the trailer for Connect, directed by the archetypal Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike, known best for the 1999 horror film Audition often advised as one of the most discomforting films ever made.

The new crime drama is accustomed to a gripping webtoon of the same name begun by Shin Dae-Sung. The Connect trailer gives viewers a taste of a much darker tale than what they are used to from The Mouse – even beginning with a tense close-up of vibrations moving blood droplets before digging into all the action.

Connect tells the story of a man kidnapped by a gang of organ hunters that abolish one of his eyes. With his missing eye imported into the body of a serial killer, the grudging donor can still see and endures terrifying visions, making him a witness to the terrible attacks on the residents of Seoul.

As reported first by Variety, the series, produced by Studio Dragon, will be made up of six parts with 45 minutes per episode. Before being presented as Star Original on the Disney+ streaming platform in Korea, the show will play in Busan on Oct. 6-7.

Jung Hae-in (Start-Up, Tune in for Love) plays the main character, Ha Dong-soo, who awakens to find his eye missing but harbors a secret ability to immediately heal from any injury, no matter how life-threatening.

Also starring in the upcoming series is Ko Kyung-po (Decision To Leave, Seoul Vibe), who will be playing the main antagonist Oh Jin-seop, the serial killer terrorizing the people of Seoul. Kim Hye-jun (Inspector Koo, Kingdom) is also a part of the Connect cast as a mysterious female lead named Irang.

In addition to being in the hands of Takashi, who has previously directed Dead or Alive, Gozu, and Ichi the Killer, the series was written by Nakamura Masaru and Heo Dam (Monstrum).

Even though Connect will be available on Disney+ Korea, it is yet to be announced if the series will be available in other countries via the popular streaming popular. Check out the trailer for Connect below:

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