Desperation Road Parents Guide
Desperation Road Parents Guide

Desperation Road (2023 Film) Introduction and Wiki

Desperation Road Parents Guide: Desperation Road is an upcoming Action, thriller film which is directed by Nadine Crocker and written by Michael Farris Smith.

It is produced by Elevated Films and Capstone Studios and Famous distributor Lionsgate Home Entertainment distributes it.

Here’s a look at Desperation Road Age ratings, Desperation Road Parents Guide, Release Date, Cast, Official Trailer, and more.

TitleDesperation Road
GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorNadine Crocker
Language English
CountryUnited States
Desperation Road Parents Guide
Desperation Road Parents Guide
Desperation Road Parents Guide

Desperation Road Age Rating

Why Desperation Road is rated R?

Desperation Road is Rated R for some violence, sexual assault, language throughout, brief sexuality, and nudity. 

The R rating indicates that the content is intended for adult audiences, typically 17 years and older. This suggests that the film may contain content that is not suitable for younger viewers and could be potentially offensive or inappropriate.

Film Desperation Road Parents Guide

Here is the detailed content guide about the film that parents should read before letting their kids watch the film.

Our parents guide for Desperation Road will help you to decide if Desperation Road is OK for kids and you will also get to know if Desperation Road is appropriate for kids or not.

Sex & Nudity

The section will be updated for you soon

Violence & Gore

  • A lot of Violence throughout the film
  • Explosion
  • Fighting between couples
  • Strong use of guns

Parental Considerations

Given the film’s R rating, parents and guardians should exercise caution when considering whether the content is appropriate for their children.

The explicit content detailed in the age rating suggests that the film is intended for mature audiences who can handle adult themes, strong language, and sexual content.

Parents should consider their child’s maturity level, comfort with explicit content, and their family’s preferences when viewing.

Other Details

Here is the Desperation Road synopsis, cast, and trailer.

Desperation Road Release Date

Desperation Road is scheduled to be released on October 6, 2023. You can watch Desperation Road Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

What Desperation Road is about?

The film is a Southern noir thriller set in a tough town in Mississippi, where a woman and her young daughter get caught in the crossfire between whiskey, guns and a desire for revenge.

Who is in the cast of Desperation Road?

Here, is the list of Desperation Road Cast and Characters

  • Mel Gibson
  • Willa Fitzgerald
  • Ryan Hurst
  • Garrett Hedlund as Russell
  • Kat Foster as Dana
  • Shiloh Fernandez as Clint
  • Ella Thomas as Sarah Magee
  • Woody McClain
  • Paulina Gálvez as Consuela
  • Valerie Jane Parker as Waitress
  • Pyper Braun as Annalee
  • Katy Bodenhamer as Lacey
  • Michael Aaron Milligan as Walt
  • Bonita Elery as Brenda
  • Mike Seely as Sheriff
  • Frank Blake as Officer Jay
  • Kyle Rankin as Jason
  • Jennifer Monce as ER Nurse

Official Trailer

DESPERATION ROAD Official Trailer (2023)
Desperation Road Parents Guide


Desperation Road Parents Guide: This is an Action, Thriller, film, but its R rating for explicit content is a cautionary sign for parents and guardians.

While the film may appeal to adult audiences who appreciate this type of humor, parents need to make informed decisions about whether the content aligns with their family’s values and their child’s readiness for mature content.

Desperation Road
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Director: Nadine Crocker

Date Created: 2023-10-06 12:16

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