Dead Mount Death Play Parents Guide

Dead Mount Death Play is an upcoming Japanese Anime Series directed this series is Manabu Ono, and it is written by Manabu Ono, Yukie Sugawara, and Yoriko Tomita. Dead Mount Death Play is based on the Manga series which was Illustrated by Shinta Fujimoto and Written by Ryohgo Narita.

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Dead Mount Death Play Release Date

Dead Mount Death Play is set to premiere in 2023 adapted by Geek Toys, It is based on a manga series written by Ryohago Narita that began serialization in 2017. Individual chapters of the manga series collected in 9 volumes until 2022. In 2022, during Anime Nix, Crunchyroll announced that they had licensed the series.

Dead Mount Death Play Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022)
Dead Mount Death Play Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022)
NameDead Mount Death Play (デッドマウント・デスプレイ)
GenreAction, Fantasy, Supernatural
Director Manabu Ono
WriterManabu Ono, Yukie Sugawara, Yoriko Tomita
Release Date2023
Age Rating N/R
Production CompanyHalf H.P Studio, F.M.F, King Records, GEEKTOYS

Overview/ Synopsis

It depicts a phenomenon of reincarnation and depicts a god’s world which is full of corpses which is called the dead body’s god. Secrets of magical dark powers and a boy named Polka Shinoyama who doesn’t quite feel like he’s haunted by thoughts of his past life.

What is the Age Rating of Dead Mount Death Play?

Contains Some Content That May Scare Children Under 14 Contains Some Scary Themes. Parents need to be Strongly Cautioned because programs may contain some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.

Read Here Dead Mount Death Play Parents guide

There are some skeleton sightings here as well as a strange skeleton cave.
A burning colony is shown here, some dead people are also visible below, and some souls are going toward the sky from that burning place.
The dark forces which are going towards the sky are looking very scary.
A giant skeleton finally engulfs a boy.
Some blood-like material is visible in the boy’s throat but it is not clear.

Wallpaper and images

Dead Mount Death Play Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022)
Dead Mount Death Play Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022)

Know about the Dead Mount Death Play Voice Cast

  • Minase, Inori as Sakimiya, Misaki
  • Sakakihara, Yuuki as Shinoyama, Polka
  • Uchida, Yuuma as Kuruya, Takumi

Here is the Trailer of Dead Mount Death Play

Dead Mount Death Play | Official Trailer - New PV

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Dead Mount Death Play
Dead Mount Death Play Wallpaper and images

Director: Manabu Ono

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