DAHMER Netflix’s second biggest English-language series of all time
DAHMER Netflix’s second biggest English-language series of all time

Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is Netflix’s second-biggest English-language series of all time. The series debuted on the streaming platform in the month of September, the series comes from Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan.

Evan Peters stars in one of his most acclaimed performances yet Jeffrey Dahmer is the infamous serial killer and necrophiliac who cannibalized many victims in a reign of terror that lasted from the late 70s to the early 90s.

According to a new report, Dahmer remains at the top spot for the most-watched English TV shows of the week on Netflix. This is the third week of The film is No. 1 in that spot, drawing more than 205 million hours streamed from Oct. 3 through Oct 9 more than 701 million hours of the film have been streamed globally, putting it as the second most popular English-language series on Netflix.

Stranger Things 4, with 1.35 billion hours earned in its first month of release.

Squid Game is the title that holds the top spot as the all-time most popular TV show on Netflix. The South Korean series has managed to reach a whopping 1.65 billion hours streamed within 28 days.

The Spanish crime drama Money Heist is another popular series with part five of that show surpassing 792 million hours. That would put Dahmer at No. 4 on the list, above the second season of Bridgerton.

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