CSI: Vegas has authenticated the fate of OG CSI stars Jorja Fox and William Petersen, better known to fans as Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom. After reciprocating to the franchise in the first season of Vegas on CBS, Grissom and Sidle will be written out and are not due to appear in the new round two.

In arise peek of the second chapter, it will be betrayed that the CSI couple is still together, but not exactly close to Nevada. The two characters are cruising around the Arctic Circle, as CSI Joshua Folsom (Matt Lauria) betrays in a video shared by TVLine.

In the footage, Chris Park (Jay Lee) wonders whether Catherine Willows (returning CSI star Marg Helgenberger) has reached out to Sara and Gil to palaver about Maxine Roby’s (Paula Newsome) new team.

Joshua instantly stops Chris’smonstrous musings, replying acrid: “They are on a boat above the Arctic Circle, so yeah, she presumably dialed them up on a sat phone inquire all about you, Chris.”Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Grissom and Sidle will make a repetition anytime soon. Though there are monstrous things then proceed and enjoy Maturation together after many curves and turns, right

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While Vegas volume two will say goodbye to Grissom and Sidle, there are a few brand-new additions to the cast. beginner Lex Medlin (Mayans MC), Ariana Guerra (Helstrom), Sara Amini (The Future), and Joel Johnstone (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) will make their CSI debut this season, with season one intermittent Lee being elevated to series regular.

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