Criminal Code Parent Guide
Criminal Code Parent Guide

Criminal Code Information and Wiki

Criminal Code Parent Guide: Criminal Code is an upcoming Action, Crime, and Drama directed by Bernardo Barcellos, Heitor Dhalia, and Leonardo Levis.

It cast the Stars Marcelo Di, Marcio Guito, and Pedro Caetano in their lead role.

TitleCriminal Code
GenreAction, Crime, and Drama
DirectorBernardo Barcellos, Heitor Dhalia, and Leonardo Levis.
Release DateNovember 14, 2023
Criminal Code Parent Guide
Criminal Code Parent Guide (1)
Criminal Code Parent Guide (1)

Criminal Code Age Rating

Criminal Code is not rated officially but this series may not be appropriate for Kids under 13 because of Violence, exposure, and alcohol consumption. It is also recommended that all of us be notified about the Age Rating so that we can get an edge on the film.

With the help of Age Rating, we decide which movie is suitable for which age group. Age Rating is provided to films according to the content they have included in their film.

Criminal Code Parent Guide

Parents’ guidance is the most important thing in our life which helps kids to move ahead. Kids only copy their Parents, so this is the Parents’ duty to guide their kids. The way kids behave totally depends upon the way which is directed by their Parents.

Here are some points which will give you more information about the movie and you will guide your kids about the movie. By reading our article you will be able to make decisions for your kid while going through the points given below.


Car explosions and fire scenes have been shown many times in this film. Along with gunshots, a car is shown burning in one place. A person is going to a place and bombs explosure from the side is shown and brief injuries are also there.

Cobs were shown shooting some people. A man inside the car was shooting the other car while following it.

Parents Consideration

Parents preference is the utmost part of kids’ life and it helps a kid to know more effectively. Parents are the only ones who provide their kids with better information and let their kids do those things that are appropriate for them. Kids follow the path that is followed by their Parents.

Parents’ involvement helps them to explore more about anything. It is suggested that Parents should be with their kids while watching the movie. Parents’ involvement while watching a movie makes it easier to interact with your kids and you will get to know what is in your kids’ minds and what they understand from the movie.

Other Details

We have given here about Release date, cast, etc of ‘Criminal Code’ which would help to get deep knowledge about this movie.

What is the release date of the Criminal Code?

Criminal Code is going to be released on November 14, 2023, by Netflix worldwide.

What is the story about?

This series features the story of Agents from the Foz do Iguaçu bureau who put the investigations for the Roberry done at a private security firm in Paraguay. They collect information such as DNA samples and then try to collect the traces so that they can identify the Robbers who robbed other countries recently. They discovered the larger crime that was going to happen.

Who is in the cast of Criminal Code?

This series casts Marcelo Di Marcio, Guito, Pedro Caetano, Miguel Nader, Maeve Jinkings, Thomas Aquino, Rômulo Braga.

Official Trailer

CRIMINAL CODE (2023) | Trailer italiano della serie action di Netflix
Criminal Code Parent Guide


Criminal Code Parent Guide: This series is not officially rated but this is not appropriate for kids under 14. Through the information given above you will get an edge for what you were here and then you will be able to decide whether it is okay or not for your kid.

Parents can summarise the information given above in the article and would definitely make the right decision.

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