Chicago Party Aunt Parents Guide | Chicago Party Aunt Age Rating 2021
Chicago Party Aunt Parents Guide | Chicago Party Aunt Age Rating 2021

Chicago Party Aunt Parents Guide

You might know the Chicago Party Aunt Twitter account which is famous for witty and sometimes proudly crass observations about all things Chicago. Which has been a favorite on Twitter since it was launched in 2016. New upcoming Netflix Animated Series Chicago Party Aunt Inspires by this Twitter Account.

Chicago Party Aunt is an adult animated comedy is series of 16 episodes. Created by Chris Witaske, Jon Barinholtz, Katie Rich

Chicago Party Aunt Creators

The show, titled Chicago Party Aunt, is created by Chris Witaske Twitter account was also created by him along with Jon Barinholtz and Katie Rich.

Read more about the Netflix TV Series, Chicago Party Aunt age Rating and parents guide for kids. 

Chicago Party Aunt Age Rating

Chicago Party Aunt Age Rating is TV-MA some material may be offensive to sections of the adult community. This means the series is not suitable for children below the age of 17 because it may contain some material that may be not appropriate for underage kids.

Chicago Party Aunt Parents Guide

Some nudity is there, a female character is wearing revealing clothes.
Woman characters in a bikini.
Uses of profanity
Fully animation series with a lot of comedy.
Characters are drinking alcohol and smoking at the club.
Kissing scenes between characters.
A lady is flirting with a young boy.

Chicago Party Aunt Release Date

The first half of the 16-episode series premieres on September 17th.

Official Poster and Details

Chicago Party Aunt Parents Guide | Chicago Party Aunt Age Rating 2021
Chicago Party Aunt Parents Guide | Chicago Party Aunt Age Rating 2021
Series NameChicago Party Aunt
GenreAnimation, Comedy
Age Rating TV-MA (Given by Netflix)
Creator  Jon Barinholtz, Katie Rich
Distributed by Netflix
Official websiteNetflixOfficial
Chicago Party Aunt Parents Guide
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Chicago Party Aunt Overview

New York-style salon called Borough, By transforming their local barbershop into a bougie Gideon interrupts Diane’s easygoing work life. Gideon is the new boss in town and he is frustrated out of water in Chicago but has a lot of attitude.  No one can get his way to reach the top of the business not even Diana. But she sure knows how to make Gideon’s life more difficult.

Bonnie a buttoned-up, type-A control freak is Diane’s sister and he enjoys every little thing in his life on the south side of Chicago where she and her older sister Diane were raised.

Bonnie is Daniel’s mother and she struggles a lot for her family but Daniel goes against the grain in his gap year. While for Bonnie there is nothing she would not do for her family.

Chicago Party Aunt Official trailer

Chicago Party Aunt | Official Clip | Netflix

Mark the milquetoast husband to the stern and uppity Bonnie, Mark is the sweetest, dorkiest, most unadventurous suburban white male, who thinks living on the edge would be staying up past 10 or maybe drinking a pop before bed.

Diane and Kurt’s son and is the most caring and sweet, thoughtful, Mikey cares so much for both of his parents who may never get their acts together.

Zuzana has been working with Diane and Tina for a long time at the salon, offering some comic relief while injecting her very unique Polish spin on modern-Chicagoan scenarios. Her comparisons are unlike any other, and though so different from Tina and Diane, somehow they all work well together.

Kurt is a hard-working TSA agent, Diane’s ex-husband has had it with Diane and finally moved out and ended things supposedly for good. Kurt will always have a soft spot for his ex-wife.

Chicago Party Aunt Wallpaper and Images

Chicago Party Aunt Parents Guide | Chicago Party Aunt Age Rating 2021
Chicago Party Aunt Parents Guide | Chicago Party Aunt Age Rating 2021

Chicago Party Aunt Runtime

TV Series Chicago Party Aunt, with a total of 8 episodes from 1 season. Each episode takes 30 minutes.

Chicago Party Aunt Voice Cast

Katie Rich as Zuzana 8 episodes • 2021Michael Patrick Thornton as Stewart 3 episodes • 2021
Lauren Ash as Diane Dunbrowski 1 episode • 2021Ike Barinholtz as Mark 1 episode • 2021
Jon Barinholtz as Mikey 1 episode • 2021Rory O’Malley as Daniel 1 episode • 2021
Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Tina 1 episode • 2021RuPaul, as Gideon 1 episode • 2021
Jill Talley as Bonnie 1 episode • 2021Chris Witaske as Kurt 1 episode • 2021

Chicago Party Aunt Age Rating and​ Chicago Party Aunt Parents Guide

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TV series Chicago Party Aunt R21 in Singapore

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