Bruce Campbell shares what Tim Curry loved about The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Bruce Campbell shares what Tim Curry loved about The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sep. 26 is marked 47 years. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released in theaters. Which was recognized online as a momentous occasion. Bruce Campbell, who had earned international fame as Ash Williams in Evil Dead and its successors, tells his followers about a distinct memory involving Tim Curry’s most eccentric role.

Campbell wrote “While filming Congo, I sat on top of a Volcano talking to Tim Curry about that movie. He said one of the coolest things was that it saved a number of small indie theaters from going under. Because they knew that two nights a week Rocky was going to do big business.”

There is a rather touching sentiment behind the memory, which paints the picture of Campbell and Curry conversing as old friends, away from the glitz and glam of Hollywood movies.

Curry also mentions that The Rocky Horror Picture Show saved many theaters, essentially performing a public service for the film industry and moviegoers everywhere. After earning a cult following, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been regarded as one of the greatest musicals of all time — which is not a stretch.

Why The Rocky Horror Pictures Show Is Still So Popular After 47 years?

47th anniversary of the film,  Bruce Campbell shared on Twitter the Rocky Horror Picture Show memory. The Evil Dead actor recalled getting to work with Tim Curry filming Congo and how one of the major things his co-star loved about the cult classic was its bolstering of small theaters.

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