Born in Synanon Parents Guide (5)
Born in Synanon Parents Guide (5) Credit: You tube

Born in Synanon Parents Guide: Born in Synanon, directed by Geeta Gandbhir, is a documentary TV mini-series showing the story of a Synanon, which has become more where people are mainly cults whose beliefs for the religion are different from others.

Our article will give you information about Born in Synanon, such as which type of content has been shown in the series, and then you will be able to make the decision better.

Born in Synanon Parents Guide, Age ratings, and much other information has been provided in the article below.

TitleBorn in Synanon
DirectorGeeta Gandbhir
Released date December 12, 2023
CountryUnited States
Born in Synanon Parents Guide
Born in Synanon Parents Guide (4)
Born in Synanon Parents Guide (4) Credit: variety

Born in Synanon Age ratings

Born in Synanon is TV-MA rated for the adult content being shown in the series.

TV-MA ratings are those ratings that are given to series or films that contain sexual, violent, or nudity, which is not suitable for kids under 17.

Age ratings are made for you so that you can decide which film or series is appropriate for which age group of kids.

All should follow age ratings as through this you can make proper decisions for your kids as maturity levels for different kids are different, and all the kids take every content in a different way.

Born in Synanon Parents Guide

Born in Synanon Parents Guide will give you information about the contents shown in the series and in which way it has been shown.

Here, through our analysis, we have written important points that will help you more.


It includes violence, as it was shown that there were many people who were shown fighting with each other. A person was shown shooting at another to kill that person.

Mature contents

Some mature contents have been shown in the series as it showed that there was a person who was holding a snake in his hand which was very dangerous.

Parents Consideration

You must take precautions as it contains violence and mature content, which is not meant for kids. If they watch they will get a bad impact from it.

If kids watch violence, they will see how the characters are fighting with each other, and also they are shooting, which will have a negative impact on your kids.

Other details

Below, we have given more details about the Born in Synanon.

What is the storyline?

Born in Synanon is a story about the Synanon people, showing the history of Synanon. Actually, it was a two-year drug program that evolved the Synanon into the church.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Geeta Gandbhir as the lead in the series.

When is the release?

Born in Synanon will be premiered on December 12, 2023, with four episodes on Paramount+.


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Born in Synanon Parents Guide


Born in Synanon Parents Guide: Born in Synanon is TV-MA rated for the violence and mature content shown in the series.

Be with us and keep reading our writings. MPAA system provides the age ratings for various series and films for your convenience.

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