Blake Griffin And Kendall Jenner Start Dating
Blake Griffin And Kendall Jenner Start Dating

Blake Griffin is a Basketball player from the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association. In 2018, he was sent to the Detroit Pistons. A while later. selected by the Clippers, he quickly became the league’s most outstanding rookie. In addition, he triumphed in the Slam Dunk Competition.

The Pistons’ power forward and center is the player wearing jersey number 23. Blake Griffin missed the entirety of the first season of his NBA career due to an injury he acquired in the preseason. But he emerged from it all the better and stronger. He was one of the best rookies in the history of the NBA.

He is the ex-boyfriend of the world’s highest-paid model, Kendall Jenner. She is The American reality TV star and fashion icon Nicole Jenner. She became well-known after making an arrival on the hit reality series Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. Having premiered on October 14, 2007, this show has quickly risen to the ranks of the all-time greats. Both The Society Management in New York and Elite Model Management in Paris, Milan, and London have signed her as a model.

In August of 2017, Griffin and Kendall Jenner started dating. It was around that time that news of their romance began to spread. Dating may already have begun between them before Kendall made her secret relationship public.

Kendall Jenner eventually acknowledged that she and Griffin were dating. Sadly, the couple broke up in April of 2018 — less than a year after they first started seeing one other.

It was speculated that Kendall Jenner, of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Blake Griffin, of the NBA, were an item a few years ago. Neither one of them came out and admitted they were dating, but their acts were clearly indicative of a passionate relationship.

But Kendall Jenner has always been the most private about her romantic life, so it’s unlikely that she’d ever confirmed the allegations even if they were genuine. In case you haven’t heard the rumors, here’s the lowdown.

When it comes to 21st-century runway models, Kendall Jenner is right up there with the best of them. She became more well-known thanks in part to the reality show about the Kardashian family.

Because of her time spent in the spotlight with the Kardashian sisters, Jenner gained valuable insight into the business she would go on to control.

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