Black Adam Soundtrack Age Rating JuJu
Black Adam Soundtrack Age Rating JuJu

The American action-adventure superhero film Black Adam takes place in 2022. It is a sequel to Shazam!, a superhero movie released in 2019 and is based on the same-named DC Comics character.

Dwayne Johnson, Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Sarah Shahi, Quintessa Swindell, Pierce Brosnan, Marwan Kenzari, Bodhi Sabongui, James Cusati-Moyer, Mo Amer, and Uli Latukefu are among the cast members of the movie. Produced by DC Films, New Line Cinema, Seven Bucks Productions, and FlynnPicture Co., it was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. DC’s Black Adam is scheduled to debut on October 21, 2022. Due to scenes of strong violence, intense action, and some language, its MPA rating is PG-13.

In ancient Kahndaq, Teth Adam was granted the supreme powers of the gods. After he used these powers to exact vengeance and was imprisoned, he became Black Adam. Over the course of nearly 5,000 years, he has gone from a myth to a legend. The Justice Society, a group of contemporary heroes, challenges his unique form of justice, which he created out of rage and is now free: Dr. Fate, Cyclone, Hawkman, and Atom Smasher

Black Adam Soundtrack:

Through the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (OST), the hitmaker Lorne Balfe owns both the Theme songs and the entire soundtrack. Here is the Black Adam Soundtrack:

Serial Number Song Singer Duration
1. Teth-Adam Lorne Balfe 3:33 min
2. Kahndaq  Lorne Balfe 6:09 min
3. The Awakening Lorne Balfe 3:04 min
4. The Revolution Starts Lorne Balfe 1:29 min
5. Introducing the JSA  Lorne Balfe 4:41 min
6. Shaza-Superman Lorne Balfe 2:23 min
7. Our Only Hope  Lorne Balfe 2:06 min
8. Change Your Name  Lorne Balfe 1:27 min
9. What Kind of Magic?  Lorne Balfe 2:10 min
10. Is It the Champion? Lorne Balfe 0:57 min
11. Your Enemies  Lorne Balfe 1:50 min
12. Black Adam Spotted  Lorne Balfe 1:37 min
13. Not Interested Lorne Balfe 1:41 min
14. Just Say Shazam  Lorne Balfe 4:11 min
15. Ancient Palace Lorne Balfe 3:15 min
16. Little Man  Lorne Balfe 1:40 min
17. Time to Go  Lorne Balfe 1:35 min
18. Release Him Lorne Balfe 0:56 min
19. Father & Son  Lorne Balfe 3:36 min
20. Black Adam Theme Lorne Balfe 3:57 min
21. Fly Bikes  Lorne Balfe 3:25 min
22. Nanobots  Lorne Balfe 1:33 min
23. Through the Wall Lorne Balfe 2:54 min
24. 23lbs of Eternium  Lorne Balfe 2:27 min
25. Is This the End? Lorne Balfe 2:05 min
26. It Was Him  Lorne Balfe 5:49 min
27. Lake Baikal  Lorne Balfe 2:59 min
28. Capes and Corpses Lorne Balfe 1:07 min
29. Hawkman’s Fate Lorne Balfe 2:10 min
30. The JSA Fights Back  Lorne Balfe 2:12 min
31. A Bad Plan Is a Good Plan Lorne Balfe 1:56 min
32. Dr. Fate  Lorne Balfe 1:20 min
33. Prison Break Lorne Balfe 2:35 min
34. Wet Rocks Lorne Balfe 0:54 min
35. Not a Hero Lorne Balfe 1:22 min
36. The Doctor’s Destiny Lorne Balfe 0:55 min
37. Slave Champion  Lorne Balfe 1:27 min
38 Legions of Hell  Lorne Balfe 2:17 min
39. The Man in Black  Lorne Balfe 0:46 min
40.  Adam’s Journey  Lorne Balfe 3:50 min
41. The Justice Society Theme  Lorne Balfe 5:12 min
42. Black Adam Theme (iZNiiK Remix) Lorne Balfe and iZNiiK 4:01 min
43. The Justice Society Theme (iZNiiK Remix Lorne Balfe and iZNiiK 3:52 min

The entire Black Adam Soundtrack album is available for purchase on Amazon Music and Apple Music.

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