Binding 13 Age Ratings

Binding 13 is a sports romance written by Chloe Walsh, who has also written Carter Kids, Broken, Ocean Bay, Pocket, Faking It, Blurred Line, and many more, which was published on July 24, 2018 by ‎Bloom Books with 608 pages.

Below, we have given information about the Binding 13 Parents Guide, Binding 13 Age Ratings, and other details of Binding 13.

She lives with her family in Cork, Ireland, and has also written many New Adult Romances, which have been translated into many languages.

Title Binding 13 (Boys of Tommen, Book-1)
GenreSports, Romance
AuthorChloe Walsh
PublisherBloom Books
Age Rating17+
No. of Pages608 pages
Date of PublicationJuly 24, 2018
Binding 13 Age Ratings

Binding 13 Age Ratings

Binding 13 is suitable for kids 17+ because of the abusive content being shown in the book.

17+ ratings mean the book contains inappropriate content for kids under 17, and if they read it, it can have a bad impact on them.

Binding 13 Parents Guide

Binding 13 Parents Guide will guide you about the book’s contents so you can properly make the right decision for your young ones.

Abusive content

It includes Abusive content, as Shannon Lynch has been tortured by all others in Tommen College; other characters bully her because of her eyes and bruises for which she gets hurt.

Characters of Binding 13

The two main characters of the book are Shannon Lynch is playing the role who is shown dating Johnny Kavanagh.

Summary of Binding 13

It is the story of a boy and girl showing Johnny Kavanagh, who will get to the top, and there is nothing that will stop him, and Shannon Lynch, who has dull eyes and is always bullied by others for this.

Johnny Kavanagh is not even interested in her. She is troubled by all, and then she arrives at Tommen College in mid, where she prays to shake all those peoples who have been disturbing her.

Review of Binding 13

I can’t explain how I felt after reading The Binding 13 (Boys of Tommen, Book 1); I got goosebumps when I learned about Shannon Lynch, who was bullied by others.

It is the deep connecting story of a girl and boy and how they become good friends, and they do not care what will happen next.

You would learn so many things while reading the book as reading makes us more versatile and our thinking level increases.

The Age Ratings given are fixed MPAA and BBFC, all given according to differences shown in the story as the children’s maturity levels differ from each other.

Binding 13 (Boys of Tommen, Book-1)
Binding 13 Age Ratings

Below, we have given information about the Binding 13 Parents Guide, Binding 13 Age Ratings, and other details of Binding 13.


Author: Chloe Walsh

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