Beyond Utopia Parents guide (1)
Beyond Utopia Parents guide (1) Credit: IMDb

Beyond Utopia Information and Wiki

Beyond Utopia Parents guide: Beyond Utopia is an upcoming Documentary, Biography, History, and News which is directed by Madeleine Gavina.

It casts Barbara Demick, Il-Sung Kim, and Jong-Il Kim in the movie as the lead roles.

TitleBeyond Utopia
DirectorMadeleine Gavina
GenreDocumentary, Biography, History, and News
Released dateNovember 28, 2023
CountryUnited States
LanguageEnglish, Korean
DistributorFathom Events
Beyond Utopia Parents guide
Beyond Utopia Parents guide
Beyond Utopia Parents guide Credit: Rotten tomatoes

Beyond Utopia Age Ratings

Beyond Utopia is rated PG-13 for the violence, shown in the movie.

PG-13 ratings are given to those movies that use sexual, violent, language which is not suitable for kids under 13.

Age ratings should be given first priority because it gives you an overall idea about what content has been shown in the movies or series.

Kids under 13 should not watch movies of this rating at all because it can have a bad effect on them. They’re too young to see these things. Further, there are different types of Age ratings that are given after looking at all types of content.

If you want to know about the movie and what kind of content is shown in it, then you must read the Age ratings once before watching any movie.

Beyond Utopia Parents guide

Guidance is an important thing without which no kid can do anything but kids are somewhat immature which is why they are not able to make any decision on their own so you take it for them.

You are there to take their decision for the better. There are many things in this movie that kids under 13 should not watch because Beyond Utopia is rated under 13 already.

Keeping Beyond Utopia in mind, we have written points that will help you, so read our Beyond Utopia Parents guide.


In Beyond Utopia you will be shown many types of violence like a person hitting another person with a wooden stick.

In this movie, the struggle of the people was shown, and they were forced to work under someone else. People are intimidating other people by force.

People are shown hiding from some people because they are afraid of them all as they are forcing them, and also they are shown beating other people brutally.

Parents Consideration

There is a need for consideration in Beyond Utopia because a lot of fighting elements have been shown in this movie.

You can pay attention to the fact that the violence shown in this movie should not be seen by your kid because it will have a bad effect on your kid.

Also keep in mind that there are many such scenes in which people are forcing each other, so this too will not be good for your kid.

These are the things that you have to pay attention to for your kids.

Other Details

Information regarding Beyond Utopia is provided here in the article.

Released date of Beyond Utopia?

Beyond Utopia is going to be released on November 28, 2023, on Fathom Events.

What is the Plotline?

Beyond Utopia is a story about the struggle of several families who are trying to escape from all the obsessions done by North Korea. In this, you will come to see most of the things that you have never imagined.

Who is in the cast?

This movie casts Barbara Demick, Jong-Il Kim, Jong-Un Kim, Hyeonseo Lee, Douglas MacArthur, Il-Sung Kim, Jong-Nam Kim, Sung-eun Kim, and So-yeon Lee.


Beyond Utopia - Official Trailer
Beyond Utopia Parents guide


Beyond Utopia Parents guide: Beyond Utopia is PG-13 for violence shown in it. For other information go through our articles and do not forget to enjoy while reading.

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