Best PG-13 Rated Movies 1990

Best PG-13 Rated Movies 1990 - Top 10 PG-13 Rated Movies 1990
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PG-13 films mean your kids can watch the movie if the age is 13 or more. PG is for parents guideline, Some time we can see the film pg-13 with some undefined thing, So parents can describe the film. Now we are providing information about Best PG-13 Rated Movies 1990. You can watch films with your family and kids.

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Best PG-13 Rated Movies 1990

1990 was the greatest time for the film industry. You can see many changes with film story, choices and even you can see the changes in the film animation. In 1990 we can see some more action with new technology and we can also see the comedy with the new generation.

Best PG Rated Movies 1990

Dances with Wolves
Dances with Wolves best pg-13 rated movies 1990

1 Dances with Wolves

The film is based on a way story. You can see some Adventure in this film. The film has a great Drama and you can also feel Western. The film budget was only $22 million but the film collected $424.2 million from the box office. 181 minutes movie is content many best scenes. You can feel so good while watching the film. Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene, and Rodney Grant and many others are the main stars of the film. Kevin Costner is the director of the film Dances with Wolves.

Kindergarten Cop
Kindergarten Cop best pg-13 rated movies 1990

2 Kindergarten Cop

Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is cames with comedy in this film Kindergarten Cop. The film director is Ivan Reitman. and the cast list is Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller, Pamela Reed, Linda Hunt, Richard Tyson, Carroll Baker, and many others. The is a full comedy film with you can see family love also. In this film, you can see Comedy and Crime. Also, you can see the kids in Kindergarten Cop film. 1h 51min  is the total running time of the film so you can enjoy the film with your kids and family.

Arachnophobia best pg-13 rated movies 1990

3 Arachnophobia

If you want a comedy film with horror, So you can watch the film Arachnophobia. The film is a horror but also for kids the movie comes with comedy. Jeff Daniels, Julian Sands, Harley Jane Kozak, John Goodman, and many others are the main starts of the film. the film is directed by Frank Marshall. Film budget was $22 million and the film earns $53 million from the box office. The film Release date was July 18, 1990. Total Running time of this movie is 110 minutes.

Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands best pg-13 rated movies 1990

4 Edward Scissorhands

Superstar Johnny Depp’s movie Edward Scissorhands is a very interesting film. The film has many stars includes Johnny Depp Winona Ryder Dianne Wiest Anthony Michael Hall Kathy Baker Vincent Price Alan Arkin and many others. The film director is Tim Burton, and writer also. You can feel in this film some Drama, Fantasy, Romance. So this is the perfect film for your kids. The film budget was $20 million and earning was $86 million.

Look Who’s Talking Too
Look Who’s Talking Too best pg-13 rated movies 1990

5 Look Who’s Talking Too

Amy Heckerling directed film is too good for kids, The film is based on kids and family. In this film, you can see Comedy, Family, Romance and many more. John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Bruce Willis, Roseanne Barr, Damon Wayans, Olympia Dukakis, Elias Koteas are the main stars of this film. The film is very good for family and kids. The film total run time is 1h 21min. Total box office collection of this film is $47.8 million.

Film Mermaids best pg-13 rated movies 1990

6 Mermaids

Mermaids is a family-based film. The film comes with Comedy, Drama, and Romance. Cher, Bob Hoskins, Winona Ryder, Michael Schoeffling, Christina Ricci and many others are the film main stars. The film director is Richard Benjamin and write is June Roberts.1h 50min  is the film running time and you can enjoy with your family.

7 Tremors

8 Cry-Baby

9 Awakenings

10 Quigley Down Under

11 Mr. Destiny

12 Memphis Belle

13 The Field

14 Green Card

15 My Blue Heaven

Best PG-13 Rated Movies 1990 – Top 10 PG-13 Rated Movies 1990

16 Metropolitan

Best PG-13 Rated Movies 1990

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