Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide (1)
Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

Bad CGI Gator Information and Wiki

Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide: Bad CGI Gator is an upcoming Comedy and Horror film directed by Danny Draven and penned by Zalman Band.

It casts Michael Bonini, Ben VanderMey, and Maddie Lane in the lead roles.

TitleBad CGI Gator
DirectorDanny Draven
GenreComedy and Horror
Released dateNovember 24, 2023
CountryUnited States
Production company Full Moon Empire
Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide
Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide
Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide Credit:

Bad CGI Gator Age Ratings

Bad CGI Gator is not rated officially but it is not suitable for kids under 15 for sexual, violence.

Age ratings are made for you so that you can come to know about the contents which are shown in the movie.

All should know about the Age Ratings because it is the only thing through which you would be able to know which type of content is shown in Bad CGI Gator. The age ratings system lets you all guys know which types of content are used in the movie.

There are various types of Age Ratings used to give movies that are under 18, which means that the movie contains sexual, violence, is not suitable for kids under 18, and also kids should also not watch these types of movies if kids are underage.

Some are under 15 which means that they contain content that is suitable for kids under 15 and kids who are below 15 should not watch these movies.

Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide

Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide will give you know about the guidance that you came to know about the points from the movie.

Guidance is the most important thing that you should know because without guidance you can not do anything. Your kid is not that young to make his own decision so your kid depends upon you for the decision.


In this movie, sexual content is also there as a woman and a man is kissing each other.


It also contains some violent scenes like it was shown that there was an Alligator that was grabbing a woman. And also it was shown that an alligator was going to eat a human being.

Parents Consideration

Considerations are necessary because you will see very dangerous scenes in this movie. You can do this so that when your kid watches this movie, pay attention to the fact that he is not scared of it.

Alligator is also shown in this movie, so it is necessary to keep in mind that your kid is comfortable. A girl is shown topless in this movie, so pay attention to this also.

Sometimes it is also that the kids start watching movies silently without letting you know, keep this in mind, as it is not at all suitable for small kids and it may lead to bad impacts on kids.

Other Details

Other details about the movie Bad CGI Gator are given in this article.

Released date of Bad CGI Gator?

Bad CGI Gator is going to be released on November 24, 2023.

What is the Plotline?

This is the story of six friends who found a cabin in the swamplands of Georgia, it woke up an alligator when they threw school laptops in a backyard lake.

Who is in the cast?

Bad CGI Gator casts actors like Michael Bonini is performing as Sam, Maddie Lane is performing as Hope, Cooper Drippe is performing as Pearce, and Sarah Buchanan is performing as Paisley.

Also, Ben VanderMey is performing as Chad, Rebecca Stoughton is performing as Sarah, and Lee Fealy is performing as Jim.


BAD CGI GATOR | Official Trailer (NEW 2023)
Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide


Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide: Bad CGI Gator is not rated officially but we will update you soon, till that be with us enjoy our Bad CGI Gator Parents Guide.

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